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ELSword News more

Elsword Candy Devil: Become Halloween's Biggest Treat!

Halloween or Hallowe'en also known as Allhalloween, is a celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October. Halloween customs are a traditional event during the holiday. There are only couple of weeks for Halloween's coming. Elsword has prepared a great TRICK OR TREAT!

Useful Methods to Get Elsword ED

In the game Elsword, ED is the currency used to buy all the goods that you want in the game. The most common of these ED can be get from the drop by playing dungeon, selling goods resulting drop to the NPC or exchanging items with other players.

Brief Introduction About Elsword Classes and Characters

There are many game characters in Elsword, if you play the game at the first time, you will be confused to choose which character is appropriate for yourself. And how to choose your favourite character to start with your game? Don’t worry, we can help you..

Elsword Launch The Fourth and Final Dungeon "El Tower Defense" for Elrianode Series

Elsword has had a string of updates involving the Elrianode dungeon series, and now the final dungeon comes. KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, has announced the launch of the last dungeon in the Elsword - the El Tower Defense! Surely, this new dungeon will spark more excitement among gamers.

Elsword:Debrian Laboratory Unfolds With Chaos,Sci-Fi and Horror!

KOG Games recently has announced the launch of the Debrian Laboratory, a major rebalance update and some awesome in-game events! For to celebrate the event, huge stock Elsword ED can be found with low price on gold.raiditem! With unparalleled mastery over the power of the El, it was believed that the Debrians had been researching prominence; the epitome of technical greatness.

Gold.raiditem:Enhance Your Characters' Skills Via Cheapest Elsword Gold

Elsword is a free-2-play fantasy MMO from Korea, that is unusually made in 2D und side-scrolls like a classic Jump 'n' Run. ELSword servers can be found outside Asia in North America, Germany and France. The Elsword ED as the premium currency in gameplay, can cause some magic effects. The effect of specialization through fingering, teven through the clouds a disability can achieve 1W + damage, coupled with Firewater, a good powerful Sword.

Elsword Saga Reveals the Final Chapter of Hall of El

Among so many MMO games in the market, Elsword is definitely popular and full of magic with some parts unknown to players. Yesterday, the KOG Games announced that the 3rd and final chapter installment in the Hall of Ei Saga began.

How to Guarantee Elsword ED Traded Under the Secure & Stable Environment

After its first release, The Elsword as a 2.5 D action free-to-play MMORPG won a high reputation among fans. Except for the game's type, the most attractive part of it can attribute to the story mode. If you play the game for a long run, you know twelve playable characters is involved. And everyone has unique stories as well as distinct abilities. Though you can play the game freely, you still have a confusion on how to play it better and easier. Certainly, the Elsword ED maintain important all the time. Besides, with the quick guides, you can go further while you are exploring this world.

Exclusive Mounts and Pets Guides for Elsword Users

The game Elsword has been downloaded and received by more and more players per month. As a free-t-play, 2.5D action MMOPRG, it expresses a lot of information about the real-time action gameplay. Obviously, except for virtual currency, players attach great importance to pets and mounts involved. With the help of Elsword gold from gold.raiditem or pets usage guides introduced here, you will feel more hopeful to finish your tasks.

New Character Ain Released to Step His Stage In Elsword World

Dear Elsword players, at the very beginning of Elsword new character appearance, we have passionately discussed the character's personalities, features, charms and advances in game. After a long-time expectation for hero fights with Divine Magic, we now get the chance to veil the new character class for Elsword.

Quick Review for Winter Casual Costumes in Elsword

As an MMO game, Elsword looks like an anime in style and substance. This game reaches its peak and receives a lot of good recommendation for many reasons. While the most important factor may attribute to game style. No doubt that people would like to buy Elsword Gold mainly because that they are excited to choose their characters and weapons for fight preparation.

Elsword: Magic Wardrobe Feature Introduced

The devs team has listened to fans and decided to double dip in a new content update, and bring forth some of the most fan-requested items of all time. One of the biggest thing is the launch of a Magic Wardrobe feature which the fans have been asking for.

Elsword Latest Update: Major Features Changes

In the early of this year, the developers of KOG game ELSworld announced a series of patches to the game, including some key game systems changes. Besides, there are some significant changes to quests, game systems, dungeons and specific item overhauls. First, the quest system has been redone so that players under level 90 will need less EXP to gain levels.

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