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What New DLC Will Come in The Elder Scrolls Online in 2018

  • 2017-12-28 19:02:04
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According to some reports we can know the world of The Elder Scrolls Online will expand in 2018 with new DLC.


If you always pay close attention to The Elder Scrolls Online official site, you must know the new blog at the official site. It talked about how it introduced Morrowind to the fold, and how it concluded the adventure with the well-received Clockwork City DLC. But that’s merely the beginning. BTW, I want to highly recommend gold.raiditem as the best eso items buying site to you.

The first DLC is titled Dragon Bones, and is “Nord-based in theme, with each of the two dungeons expanding upon the lore of that region.” Following Dragon Bones is an update that will include polish for the MMORPG, and include “at least one long-awaited feature that everyone who cares about their characters’ appearance will love,” which players can learn about more when the update launches on the PTS early 2018. As for the other two DLCs, Bethesda is seemingly tight-lipped, but hints that players will be able to explore “some highly-request areas next year.

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