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Blade and Soul News more

Gold.raiditem: Blade & Soul Last Major Update on Dec 6

The life of a game is its constant update. Because this will make the game more interesting and attract more players. Blade & Soul also need to keep in line with the big trends.

Why Choose Gold.raiditem to Buy Blade and Soul Gold

Looking to buy Blade and Soul gold? You are in the right place,

What BNS Guides You Should Know for Speeding Up Your Progress

As the best BNS gold buying site, the hot sale BNS Gold for sale available at Besides that, you can also get many useful game guides here.

How to Exchange Currency in Blade and Soul

BNS official site releases an article about Currency Exchange today. Official site announces that the currency exchange is an ever-changing way for players to securely buy and sell their gold. You can get more details from the original post in the following contents.

Blade and Soul: The New Update Give You A Better Experience

Blade and Soul official site announced the update is coming. This new system will make a number of changes and improvements. The new system can give players a new experience. Are you looking forward this update? Anyway, I’m so excited about the news.

Move Further in Blade and Soul with BNS Gold & Guides at Gold.raiditem

As one of the most popular MMORPGs, Blade and Soul has a lot of players now. And every player wants to speed up his progress faster than the others. If so, both BNS Gold and guides are necessary.

Have You Tried These Top 3 Blade and Soul Guides

As the best MMORPG in-game products site, gold.raiditem can offer you hot sale Blade and Soul Gold with a cheap price. And there are many top free game guides also available at our site. Today, I want to tell you some Blade and Soul cheats that can make you enjoy your game time better.

Blade and Soul: Changes in The New Crafting System

Blade and Soul official site announced the crafting and gathering systems would be streamlined to reduce the complexities of crafting in Blade and Soul's next update - Rise of the Gunslinger.

The Blade & Soul Regional Championships Are Underway

According to the official announcement we can know the Blade & Soul Regional Championships are underway.

What Two New Raid Experiences You Will Enjoy in The Dark Origins

Blade and Soul official site announced that The Dark Origins update would arrive August 16. And there are two new raid experiences in the update version. Read the following contents for more details.

Details of Fortune Falls Event in Blade and Soul

GOOD NEWS! Fortune Falls Event available now. And it will be held from July 26 to August 16. More details available in the following contents. And full stock of Blade and Soul Gold also available at gold.raiditem.

What Things You Should Notice in Blade and Soul

Are you looking for the best Blade and Soul Gold buying site? If so, you can't miss You can get full stock of BNS Gold with the lower price here. And many useful BNS guides also available at gold.raiditem. Read the following contents that you can know what you should notice in playing blade and soul. Without doubt that can help you play the game better.

Blade & Soul Guides: How To Dominate The Earthen Realm

As a veteran Blade and Soul player, you must know the importance of Blade and Soul Gold. And gold.raiditem must be your best choice to buy BNS Gold. BTW, useful blade and soul game guides also available here. Today, I want to share you some guides of how to dominate the earthen realm.

What Rewards You Can Get From Blade and Soul Celestial Festival

Several weeks ago, Blade and Soul official site announced that Celestial Festival would be held May 3–June 14. The festival live now. Have you participated the Celestial Festival? If so, what rewards have you got. And if you don't know this event well, read the following contents for more details. BTW, cheap BNS Gold also available at gold.raiditem.

Useful Blade and Soul Guides Can Help You Be The Game Hero

We can notice there are many massively multiplayer online role-playing game in the market such as World of Warcraft, Blade and Soul, Final Fantasy XIV, etc. And which one do you like best? Different players may have different answers. The topic I want to tell for today is Blade and Soul. Here are some professional guides that can help you play Blade and Soul better. ​

Blade and Soul May Embrace Its Spring after WeGame Planning

On April 14, the most potential technology company released its counting down the page of WeGame. As a professional game service supplier, has always kept a close eye on the development of tendency of mobile games. As we all know, Tencent is the game agency of Blade and Soul, and has created a pleasant game platform for the game players. So far, numerous customers buy Blade and Soul Gold from our website to star their mysterious journey.

Blade and Soul: Which Class is Best for Solo Play

Blade and Soul is a fantasy martial-arts MMORPG developed by NCSOFT. The fabulous combat systems and delightful presentations make numerous players addicted to the game. However, many of them find out that it not easy to choose a class to play because of the substandard class design. Here, we would like to offer some help. If you are looking for cheap Blade and Soul Gold, is your first choice to buy BNS gold

Blade and Soul New Expansion: Secrets of the Stratus Arriving on April 12th

The next huge Blade and Soul Expansion, Secret of the Stratus will launch on April 12th, bringing significant changes to materials, a number of item-specific systems changes, new Legendaries, and reduced upgrade costs. Apparently, NCSOFT will release more big expansions in the future, which means players will have more time to experience and master content. Back to the Secret of Stratus, one of the most significant things worth your attention is overhauled skill system.

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