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Important Aion Hints For New Players -Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-07-23 17:18:16
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Welcome to Atreia, a world ravaged by a celestial calamity and torn apart by war. As an Elyos or Asmodian, you are tasked with defending your world from all enemies and ensuring the triumph of your people in the ongoing struggle.


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Get Free Stuff: The Atreian Passport

Once you log into the game, before you do anything else, access your Atreian Passport and claim your free Daily Gift! 

Get More XP: The Fast Track Server

The best way for players to level quickly is the Fast-Track Server.  From levels 1 to 50, the fast track server provides a 200% XP boost, so you’ll be able to level twice as fast by simply being on it! 

Get Style: The Black Cloud Marketplace

The Black Cloud Marketplace is your source for unique items that can help you level faster, fight better, or just help you add some personal style to your gameplay. 

Aion Kinah

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If you read it carefully, the above guides will help speed you on your way through Atreia. Gold.raiditem always provide you the latest news and updates of Aion and other more games, everything you need to know is here! You can keep your eyes on our website to get everything you want to know and the cheapest and fastest Aion Kinah delivery.