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Swtor Patch 5.7 Legacy of the Creators Is Set on January 23, 2018

According to the official SWTOR website, Star Wars: The old Republic update 5.7, which is called “Legacy of the Creators”will be released on Jan 23 by Bioware. The update will contain the 4th Boss of the Iokath Operation, returning companions and more. Read the details at

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Star Wars: The Old Republic has successfully attracted millions of players to take part in since it was launched. For such hot and popular, SWTOR Credits must be in keen. I think all the SWTOR gamers want to choose a reliable store to buy SWTOR Credits without being scammed. Here will answer you the reason why more and more customers choose us.

new - Best SWTOR Credits Selling Store

Since the Star Wars: The Old Republic game was released for Microsoft Windows, it has successfully attracted a larger number of gamers. For such hot and popular, SWTOR Credits must be in keen demand. So how to choose a reliable SWTOR Credits seller without being scammed is a common issue before players buying SWTOR Credits online.

Enjoy Free 5% Bonus for SWTOR Credits EU If You Choose

Hey, guys! As we expected, SWTOR 5.5 patch is finally available today. Are you excited for it? And have you made full preparation for this new update? Maybe you are confused with which website is the right place to purchase, or you worry about your account security. Here we highly recommend the best website - Why? Be patient and we will show the reasons why more and more gamers choose us to buy SWTOR Credits EU.

SWTOR Crisis on Umbara Requirements and Rewards

SWTOR patch 5.4 is available now with a completely new flashpoint called Crisis on Umbara. According to the official latest news, Bioware published a new blog detailing the gameplay and rewards you can get from Crisis on Umbara flashpoint. Today will share the details with you, just pay attention. Also, you can buy SWTOR Credits from us enjoying big bonus!

SWTOR Cartel Market Specials: Week of August 1, 2017

This week the SWTOR official website releases some new changes, you can view the latest news from Cartel Market Specials. Of course, you can also learn the detailed information from our website. Gold.raiditem would like to share the news with you. Just read on!

SWTOR: Winning Rewards For Being In A Guild

Dear SWTOR players, have you been a member of guilds? Well, whether you’re already in a guild or want to join or start one, you can get more bonuses like additional XP and reputation bonuses to enhance your gameplay experience. Want to know the details? Please read on!

SWTOR: Changes Planned for Update 5.3 in July

Hi, guys! SWTOR 5.3 will be released on 11th, July. Do you know what changes will be planned in SWTOR? Here gold.raiditem will share the exact changes with players in SWTOR 5.3. As a fan of SWTOR, do you want to get a wonderful equipment for SWTOR to enhance your character? Earn more SWTOR Credits is your first step. Gold.raiditem will be your best choice.

Gold.raiditem - The Most Reliable SWTOR Credits EU Selling Website

Dear SWTOR fans, huge SWTOR Credits EU are hot sale on gold.raiditem now! Do you want to buy SWTOR Credits to enhance your game? As all of SWTOR players know, equipment like weapons or armors is very important to SWTOR players, because a wonderful equipment can improve your character so that you beat enemies quickly.

Start Your ‘The Summer of SWTOR’!

Dear SWTOR fans, as we expect, ‘The Summer of SWTOR’ is coming now, and you can book your trip to the Smuggler’s Moon today. As we all know, Bioware has published game update 5.2.2, which reactivate the popular Nar Shaddaa nightlife event. Get more details of ‘The Summer of SWTOR’, please read on!

What Can We Expect From the ‘Summer of SWTOR’?

Dear SWTOR fans, Star Wars: The Old Republic Team has published their Road Map 2017 according to the official site, which shows their direction for the game starting with their 'Summer of SWTOR' activities beginning June 13, 2017. And it covers all plans about SWTOR in the coming months. So what do you expect from the ‘Summer of SWTOR’?

SWTOR: Steadfast Champion Pack Coming to the Cartel Market

Good news for Swtor fans! According to the official website, a brand new Item Pack featuring iconic Star Wars gear is coming to the Cartel Market this week. Do you want to level up your character in Swtor? Gold.raiditem is a nice choice. With the Steadfast Champion Pack coming, you should prepared enough SWTOR Credits and items in advance for your game.

SWTOR: Twitch Prime Content is Live

Dear Star Wars fans, there are some fantastic news for you. According to the latest news, Twitch Prime benefits are now live, which provides some incredible Star Wars: The Old Republic bonuses. Actually, "bonuses" is a bit of an understatement, since you're getting an entire expansion for free here, along with some other extra goodies. Want to start your adventure?

Want to know how to easily buying cheapest Swtor Credits?

Many long-time players have found their own ways of making a lot in SWTOR Credits. It’s not that difficult, really. But when I say that earning credits in this game isn’t very difficult, it doesn’t hold much weight because I’ve been playing the game since before launch. But Knights of the Fallen Empire changed the game for everyone, and you don’t just have to take my word for it: This article is the evidence.

SWTOR Update 5.2 Drops On April 11th: What Can We Expect

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 5.2 will be launching on Tuesday, April 11th. In the early March, the game was preparing for the release by adjusting the drop rates for the gear inside them. After listening to the players’ complaint about fewer chances of dropping items, the developer Bioware is going to fix that by allowing PVP and PVE events to give players the power to more fairly get certain gear types they want.

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