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Aion US News more

Aion Giving Grove Returns: Keep Your Watering Cans & Aion Kinah US Ready

The Giving Grove has returned from December 6 which brings the mystical prize-bearing trees. Grab your friends and fellow faction mates to grow and bloom the saplings and be rewarded with special treets. And accordingly, there are many rewards await you until December 20. You can check out the full list of presents at Aion's official site.

Kumuki's Cave Returns: Evade the Kobolds & Save the Porguses!

The Porguses have been captured by the Kumiki yet again, and again! This special Kumuki instance will have different rewards and will come and go every week. Is is worth mentioning that the event has set many rewards for gamers who participate: Fragmented Spinel (x300), Blood Mark ((x80), Spinel Medal (x4), Major Ancient Crown (x3), [Event] Danuar Relic Box (x4) and so on.

Aion Will Rock You By Veteran System & Shugo Sweep Returns

When time dates back to September 22 which marked that Aion had spent its 8th birthday. As one of the older MMORPGs, its celebration also took quite a lot of spectacular prizes for you to claim. If you miss series of the bonus, don't worry. Look at what Aion has prepared for you now.

Why to Buy Aion Kinah from Gold.raiditem

The players all know that Aion US has received many awards since its release. With the destruction of the world of Atreia looming once again, the two races (the Elyon and Asmodae) are struggling to survive. To establish dominance, the two groups will be contesting for the lands around the Tower of Eternity: the key to salvation.

Help the Ancient King and Queen Seal the Monsters Before August 30

According to the previous report from Aion official site's producer's Letter, Aion servers will be consolidated in early October, 2017. Though both two servers have not yet been named finally, you can pick one of names by following the possible names given. Also, the cheap Aion Kinah US is hot sale on gold,raiditem with 5% discounts. Come and kick off new event in Aion World now!

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As you know, gold.raiditem has been providing players Aion Kinah for a long time. Our considerate service has received plenty of positive remarks from millions of gamers all over the world. From some point, we can see that the popularity of gold.raiditem is far beyond your imagination.

Small Update Patch with Practical Features in Aion

Dear Aion players, are you familiar with the latest patch of the game? In reality, many new features awaits our exploration. A vivid visual analysis in Aion official website has revealed some new features about the upcoming small update.

Buy cheap Aion Kinah US on Gold.raiditem

Dear Aion players, how about your Aion US playing recently? Are you still looking for a best Aion Kinah US to level your items up? Good news for you now! This year you should focus on a most potential online store: Gold.raiditem.

Update 5.4: The Homeland in Danger

We have expected the Aion can get updated in a short time. And according to the Aion official page announcement, exciting new features in update 5.4 will be released and it is now available to European servers!

How to Level Up 25 - 27 Smoothly in Aion

No matter what you do, the final goal of playing MMORPG is to level up your character. In Aion, some players think it is easy to pass the early 20 level but get stuck in level 25. Now, I want to share you some guides that can help you pass the level 25 - 27 smoothly. BTW, Aion Kinah also available here.

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