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The Riders of Icarus players is now making use of ROI Gold to create quests for game characters from different regions, performing tasks assigned to different NPCs. You can also use the riders Icarus Phnom Pen to play and align elements.

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Here we would like to inform you of the summer update for the content in the game. It will also include a new zone called Akrat Plains. Besides, a new level cap of 60 is contained. To buy ROI gold and then meet new field boss Cold-Blooded Heretic. You will get something fun!

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Riders Can Ascend Into Battle, Meet Wild Beasts with Official Launch Coming!

Players have been in a long wait for the content update of action adventure MMORPG Riders of Icarus. According to the Nexon America and WeMade Entertainment, it's not so long for us to welcome the official launch. Riders can ascend into battle and feel the charming of majestic world.

Riders of Icarus: New Class Secrets Unveiled & Tracksters Skills Introduced

The Trickster is the new class in Riders of Icarus, arriving on July 6th. If you don't want to miss the stories taken by Trickster, remember to register for the launch of it before June 30th. Moreover, you are lucky to get a Free Rise of the Trickster Launch Pack as long as your characters are level 15 or higher. After that, the most important thing for you is how to utilize this class.

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New Class of Riders of Icarus: Trickster Launch Pack Revealed

Riders of Icarus recently announced a new launch pack called Rise of the Trickster. The new launch pack is bringing a new class – the Trickster, which is coming soon. Along with that will be a number of other changes, like the increase of the level cap, introduction of new familiars, and more. Players, you know the importance of ROI gold, so never ignore its function in game.

100% Secured and Reliable Riders of Icarus Gold Hot Ordered on Gold.raiditem

Riders of Icarus as a type of video game published by NEXON in 2016, has earned much click from fans due to beautiful scene and exciting fighting force. The popularity of the game still keep high in 2017. ROI Gold can be regarded as one of hot terms related to the game.

May's Hot Discussions of Riders of Icarus Collected by Gold.raiditem

Dear Riders of Icarus players, have you enjoyed lingering on some active game forums? As we know, we can horizon our eyes and find out unique game skills via looking through good online communities. Here we collected some interesting news from Riders forum to give you more clear details of the game.

Four Tips to Purchase Best ROI Gold With Saving Time and Money

After first release in 2016, Riders of Icarus once became one of the most hot games in the past years, and even the title of the game reached top annual words list. Until we post this article, no further update details are pronounced by its official page. But according to the player's feedback, the primary edition is still popular in market.

Cheap ROI Gold, Hot Full Stock ROI Gold for Sale on Gold.raiditem

As a long-term game follower, you must know the importance of finding a good store for ROI Gold in game. It is mainly because a professional and reliable supplier can save your time and money much. Don't be crazy about the low price simply. There are many factors should be taken into consideration.

Corruption of Light Gets New Content

Good news for Riders of Icarus players. The game will embrace its new expansion with the new content added into the Corruption of Light. Up to now, it's still unclear that whether the expansion will get its new name or not.

Do You Know These Details of Riders of Icarus Tempering Items

Every MMORPG player must know the importance of items. In order to get items, you need to complete quests and finish dungeons. And different items have different functions. Today, I want to tell you some details of Tempering Items. If you want to progress easily, you can buy Riders of Icarus Gold with lower price here.

Level Up Characters Effectively with Riders of Icarus Tips

There is no doubt that every MMORPG game player wants to level up his character quickly. So that useful game tips are necessary. Today, I want to tell you some useful tips to help you play Riders of Icarus better. And if you want to buy Riders of Icarus Gold, gold.raiditem is also the best choice.

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