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About Riders of Icarus

The Riders of Icarus players is now making use of ROI Gold to create quests for game characters from different regions, performing tasks assigned to different NPCs. You can also use the riders Icarus Phnom Pen to play and align elements.

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Here we would like to inform you of the summer update for the content in the game. It will also include a new zone called Akrat Plains. Besides, a new level cap of 60 is contained. To buy ROI gold and then meet new field boss Cold-Blooded Heretic. You will get something fun!

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Riders of Icarus News

Five Ways To Gain ROI Gold Fast

It's candid to get gold in Riders of Icarus. Players can earn a decent amount of gold doing various of activities, including the usual drops when killing monsters and other enemies, quest rewards, or selling items. will detail the five best ways of earning gold in Riders of Icarus.

Kindly Reminder:Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.