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Gold.Raiditem is the right place for the cheapest Revelation Online Imperial Coins! Based on the 10-year experience of in game delivery, Raiditem always offer instant and safe trade. Players who want to buy Revelation Online Coins can come to here and get their Coins fast.

97% of the orders are usually delivered within 10 minutes after placing the order.Our traders are real elite players, who can trade Revelation Online Coins fast and smoothly in game with you. We will try our best to complete your orders as quickly as possible.

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Reasonable Prices

We update our price database every few hours to make sure it will be the most reasonable one. We always strive to give you the best value possible and enrich your game experience. Enjoy our competitive price for WOW Gold, OSRS Gold, Fifa 17 Coins, FFXIV Gil and other game gold.

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Professional leveler, local IP address. Hand-made leveling by doing quests, no use of Bot or Exploitation.

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We always have full stock WOW Gold/ArcheAge Gold, Fast and Safe delivery, 99% of raiditem WOW Items orders done in 1 hour, and a fast delivery or we will refund you.

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A Close View on 3 Classes in Revelation Online

Six special classes of Revelation Online has been heatedly discussed in some social medias. All classes include Vanguard, Blademaster, Gunslinger, Swordmage, Occultist, Spiritshaper. In the game, these characters has their own unique missions. Here I would like to give you a simple introduction about three of them. Later, will give you more details about other three. Here cheap Revelation Online Coins are also provided.

How to Level Up in Revelation Online Effectively

When veterans are enjoying Revelation Online open beta, the fresh players only want to know how to level up quickly and effectively. Attention here, you can know the effective way to level up after reading the following parts. You also need to buy items to play the game better. Gold.raiditem offers you lower price Revelation Online Coins to buy more items.

Stardust - First Major Update Will Arrive to Nuanor Soon

Good News! Revelation Online official site announced the first major update named “Stardust” will arrive at Nuanor soon. I believe many players will be excited when they know this news. More details are available in the following parts. What's more, our professional team can offer you 100% safe and cheap Revelation Online Imperial Coins.

Kindly Reminder:Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.