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Revelation Online News more

Gold.raiditem: What the Assassin in Revelation Online is Really About

Assassin in Revelation wields dual daggers, just like the class in other MMOs Besides, according to the developer, Assassin is the only class that can go stealth in the game. Do you think the Assassin is interesting? There are a lot of players who are very interested it.

Revelation Online Shadowblade Update Come, Assassin Is the Only Class with Stealth Skills

Revelation Online launched its Shadowblade update six days ago and the new update introduced the new Assassin class as well as the new class change system. With a new class, tons of new content and improvements, it might be time to dip your toe back into the free to play MMORPG. Keep in mind though that the class change system is unlocked after completing a quest at level 59.

new Confirmed Assassin Class's Arriving on ShadowBlade Update

According to the announcement by the global developer and NetEase, the much desired Assassin class for Revelation Online is getting ready to make an entrance. This class is named as ShadowBlade that brings the seventh playable character class on board.

Eternal Chasm's 3 New Modes & 7 Bosses Excite Revelation Online Players!

Revelation Online has brand new endgame content in store for the veteran adventurers of Nuanor. Famous game publisher and developer and NetEase just added three new difficulty modes to the Eternal Chasm raid which has begun from October 12.

How to Get Started and Catch More Fishes in Revelation Online?

The virtual game is closely connected with the things in reality. As a classic saying goes, art is orginates from the real life. So if you are interested in going fishing and playing the Revelation Online at the same time, you get the great news of the game! Revelation Online will become a fantastic place for you to get much pleasure!

Revelation Online: UpRising Set to Raise Level Cap,Assassin Class in November

Global publisher and developer NetEase have proudly announced the new content expansion's coming to Revelation Online. The upcoming edition is named as "UpRising" and will set to arrive this September.

Revelation Online: Faery Agency Take Fun Aspects, Celebrations and Mini Games!

MMORPGs are full of magic and continuously create fantastic quests for adventurers to explore bravely. All endless tasks come one by one and make players feel tired never. Revelation Online recently announced the Faery Agency which will bring a lot of fun aspects of the game. The Faery Agency is run by the kind Volopines of Nuanor that make Nuanor more enjoyable as they create many events in order to make the world a better place. If you are curious about where to buy Revelation Online Imperial Coins, welcome to!

Join Monthly Challenge Event and Contend for Valuable Rewards

There are various guides that teach players how to store enough Revelation Online Coins safely and quickly without spending much time and money. And the common mode to make money and get lots of rewards is to finish plenty of dangerous quests, But now, you get something new to experience. The Revelation Online team decide to make a monthly event called Monthly Challenge. That make us momentarily stay away from the traditional challenges.

Revelation Online: How Beautiful Songs Make the Game Charming!

No doubt that we will put much emphasis on the storytelling, developer and designer as well as the celebrated involved when we talk about a great video game. However, we seldom notice the composers who put their apparent enthusiasm into the beautiful music creating. However, the team Revelation Online show their enough thanks to the Neal Acree, the composer of a series of songs heard in the game. Here we will share you an interview to see how important a composer is! Also, remember that Revelation Online Coins are always helpful.

Revelation Online Latest Hit: The Windswept Gauntlet Is Coming!

Most Players would like to find the safe and fast way to get Revelation Online Coins. Seeing the latest discussions about the game currency market, here gold.raiditem will show you tips and methods to find the cheapest game gold without spending too much time. Also, we would like to share you some new features.

Fishing and Mythos Light Up Revelation Online Players With New Features

The newly-updated content of Revelation Online Fishing and Mythos has made it way into fans' sight. Player now can get a glimpse of some secret info about the game characters because the newly-added elements leak out features unknown to payers before. Apart from Revelation Online Coins, now you may take an interest on Fishing and Mythos features.

Take Your Fantastic Adventures in Revelation Online Ersich Forest

Most of the time, the great pleasure that MMO games take to players not only lies in making them experiencing exciting fighting scene, but also lies in enabling them to see the different space sightseeing and feel the beauty of virtual world in game. Revelation Online is making Ersich Forest such a place to give you more fun. Now it's time for you to buy Revelation Online coins to start your divine adventures in Ersich Forest.

What Can Players Learn About Revelation Online With Guild Activities Outlined?

Dear Revelation Online fans, how do you think the latest announcement related to this game? Accurately, the official site has prepared a full list of all dungeons and scours. Based on them, you can be able to join the race for a server first. But the game developers' ambition is far beyond that. If you have read the news about Guild Activities, you will know there are more things worth our discussion.

Wealth of Additional Activities Coming To Revelation Online Soon

.Recently, well-known MMO publisher has done an exciting action. It released details on a wealth of additional activities which turn out to appear in front of the public soon. That announcement may indicates that Revelation Online will get extra issues in it including Base Hunt, Guild Dragon and other items expected.

Revelation Online: Role Play Convention Events Attract Players in June

Dear Revelation Online players, have you spent a happy festival when the game Role Play Convention started opening for fans. Seeing the pictures or hot topics from the game's official page, there are three things worth noticing.

Revelation Online:Guild Tournament Takes You Fresh Experience

Dear Revelation Online player, the official page has created a rivalries for the upcoming Guild Tournament. So what's the feature related it? Are you looking forward to getting access to the activity?

Revelation Online Develops Its New Battlefield in French and German

In tradition, the massive games will build up different editions to adapt to various group's needs. Dear French and German Players, now Revelation Online starts seeking for some changes for player service, developing its new battlefield in your lands.

Revelation Online Guides : Socketing Badges and Runes

The battlefield of Revelation Online is being conquered by more and more players with rich skills. You peers or your enemies may overcome various obstacles through badges and runes. Want to change your negative position? What about learning some new guides to catch up with others?

Revelation Online Details: Guild Bulletin Board

As we has expected before the coming of Guild Bulletin Board, there are a lot of new features await its players. Are there anything special about it? Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting things you can enjoy is to see you enter a guild in Revelation Online.

How to Explore Quests in Revelation Online

Maybe you have troubling in exploring quests. Here we edited a piece of guide so that you do better while playing Revelation Online. And we try to analyze what they are and where to find them from quests’perspectives.

Revelation Online Guide: Easy way to Obtain Badges and Runes

If you are a fan of the Revelation Online game, you must hope to obtain more badges and runes to increase your stats. But do you know how can you do in the areas? What gear and weapons you can wear and wield? This article will tell you the answer that how to get badges and runes easily and what they can do.

A Close View on 3 Classes in Revelation Online

Six special classes of Revelation Online has been heatedly discussed in some social medias. All classes include Vanguard, Blademaster, Gunslinger, Swordmage, Occultist, Spiritshaper. In the game, these characters has their own unique missions. Here I would like to give you a simple introduction about three of them. Later, will give you more details about other three. Here cheap Revelation Online Coins are also provided.

How to Level Up in Revelation Online Effectively

When veterans are enjoying Revelation Online open beta, the fresh players only want to know how to level up quickly and effectively. Attention here, you can know the effective way to level up after reading the following parts. You also need to buy items to play the game better. Gold.raiditem offers you lower price Revelation Online Coins to buy more items.

Stardust - First Major Update Will Arrive to Nuanor Soon

Good News! Revelation Online official site announced the first major update named “Stardust” will arrive at Nuanor soon. I believe many players will be excited when they know this news. More details are available in the following parts. What's more, our professional team can offer you 100% safe and cheap Revelation Online Imperial Coins.

Kindly Reminder:Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.