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Enjoy the Returning Alchemy Event in Aion Now!-

  • 2018-08-29 11:31:47
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The mysterious Alchemists return to Aion world again. Their ancient secrets will lead you into special keys to unlock chests full of prizes. Do you want to reveal the treasures? Then it's time to join this wonderful event.


Before you jump into game and explore the new event, want to share some basic information of this event with you. Besides, if you want to buy Aion Kinah to get prepared for this event then please feel free to contact us. We are always here to offer you help. For now, let's check out what do you need to do first. 

Part 1: Suspicious Alchemist 

Every day starting at 9:00am server time, you can see the Suspicious Alchemist NPC for a free event Key Pouch which will contain either a Copper Key or a Gold Key. The Copper Key opens the Common Treasure Box and the Gold Key opens the larger Premium Treasure Box. Therefore, you'd better be sure to log in every day during the Alchemist Event and get your FREE Key Pouch.

Part 2: Transmusting Keys

Alchemist's Pouches will be dropping from instance bosses. You can use an Alchemist's Pouch to obtain one Lead Fragment or one Alchemic Essence. Combining these two items will create an Key Pouch. Treasure Chests can be found in Sanctum and Pandaemonium. You’ll be able to find The Treasured Alchemist's Pouch and Alchemic Essence available in the store. Thus, you can get extra items by your Aion Kinah

Locations & Rewards

Alchemist's Pouches are a guaranteed drop from instance bosses. You can definitely get rewards in this event. The Suspicious Alchemists will be leaving on September 12. Please seize this chance and enjoy this event before it's gone. suggest you to participate in this event now. You will abaolutely love it. For your information, we have huge Aion EU Kinah in stock. Please free to contact us when you are in need. It's our honor to be your partner.