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Cute Nesting Doll Brother Attract Aion Players’ Eyes

  • 2017-05-26 18:28:52
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Dear Aion Players, we guess you have a nice experience in the previous weekly activities. Want to know more hot news on Gold.raiditem? Yes, a big news for you! The Nesting Doll Brothers are once again back in Atreia! The feelings is beyond description when you open all of cute dolls. But first you need to collect them!


As usual, you will get useful guides about Doll Brothers’ Collecting. Also, cheap and instant Aion EU Kinah is hot sale on our website. Remember that a combination of currency and tips promotes you game procedure! Our suggestions can be summarize as below. 

We will tell you how to participate the event and If you are lucky, you will be rewarded with the special prizes from the most fabulous doll.

First Nesting Doll Brother (Level 30+)
Keeping talking to the First Nesting Doll Brother daily for (2) +1 Nesting Dolls In the capital cities. If possible, you have the chance to get three Dolls as you can see one Nesting Doll per hour. Thus keeping a logged-in status is always important. Looking for more interesting Dolls, please buy (5) +1 Nesting Dolls on the store for 1 NCoin everyday. If you are unable to reveal the Smaller Doll next to the Nesting Doll with point before +10, fragmented Spinel. will automatically be redeemed into your inventory. Even a Broken Nesting Doll is included.
Second Nesting Doll Brother
Second Nesting Doll Brother will create a good opportunity for you to collect 10 Broken Nesting Doll pieces. You can trade broken pieces with Second Nesting Doll Brother for (1) +1 Nesting Doll exchange. There is a point limitation: Only when your Nesting Doll explodes before +10, you are lucky to obtain Broken Nesting Doll.
Youngest Nesting Doll Brother
For the smallest Doll among all Dolls, you can call him The Youngest Nesting Doll Brother. Compared with other brothers, he seemingly needs to learn a lot from them. So what kind of items he can provide? he offers an [Event] Youngest Nesting Doll's Bundle for interested Daevas. There is no time limitation as long as you pick up bundle daily. Bundles prove to be valuable. You can acquire a variety of buff scrolls via bundles.
This event really takes us so much pleasure as it call for our childhood memory. Buy Aion Kinah EU on gold.raiditem to join the activity and hope you get a couple of Dolls luckily!