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Aion EU: Get Minions Stronger With Additional Stats in Patch 5.6

  • 2017-08-10 18:33:51
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Whenever you want to get the most valuable aion guides or Aion EU Kinah buying tips, you are welcomed to visit the reputable website gold.raiditem. Reportedly, AION EU announced a preview of the upcoming patch 5.6 over on Steam. From that, we can see stuff we will meet after 9th August.


Once the aion patch 5.6 goes live, you should first notice where to farm the faster Aion EU Kinah and minions which will be fighting by their side. Like the Aion Kinah which helps players a lot during quest doing, minions have the similar functions. They are super cute but fearless too. But it minions won't be available for free without a resonable cause. If you want to use them, first try to get a contract for them.

There is plenty of useful minions in the roster that players can acquire each having its own special ability that players can benefit from. The contracts that players will need to get beforehand can be found in the Neviwind Canyon, Museum of Knowledge or Narakkalli instances or from the credit traders that are located at the Shrine of Glory, Calypso and Kathua. They are only available for High Daeva for players that are level 66 or above. The contracts will give the players a minion with a random level. From the moment players summon the minion, they gain their summoning effect stats which are added to their character. The max amount of minions a player can have is 200.

As what some players have said, owning the 2 minions sharing the same level can make us fuse minions and to make them a higher level. Then, with Aion Kinah EU, your minions will be stronger with additional skills.

Besides the minions, this patch is bringing 4 new servers to AION EU: Fregion (DE), Padmarashka (FR), Miren (PL) and the English-speaking international server called Grendal which gathers players from all over the continent. Players should look forward to the new tutorial area which comes along with new starting equipment as well as the Angel in Sheep's Clothing Event is taking place for new and returning players during the time period between 2nd and 23rd August. If you want to check the announcement for yourself, visit it over on Steam.

That's all the review about Aion Patch 5.6. Are you interested in this news? Want to read more useful tips for farming cheap and hot Aion Kinah US? Come to gold.raiditem! We never let you down!