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Aion: Join The Incredible Summer Party Now-

  • 2018-07-25 11:34:41
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According to Aion official website, the Summer Block Party is available today. Players can find the festive Daeva & Beach Bar with accompanying guests and bartenders to party with in the capital cities. And you can get lots of rewards if you participate in this event.


Based on all information know. You will need to spend Aion Kinah US in this event for extra goods to get more rewards. For your information, we make it cheap, fast and cheap to buy Aion Kinah online without registration. If you want to buy it instead of farming it in game without fun, then we are your best choice. Learn more on our website later. Right now, let's check out the details of this event.

Part One: Ice Blocks & Ice Picks for Level 30+

Every party needs ice, so thankfully you'll be able to find Bags of Ice chilling inside of instances for Daevas level 30 or higher. Bags of Ice can also be found in the following zones: Cygnea, Enshar, Levinshor, Kaldor, Iluma, Norsvold. If you find a Bag of Ice you can open it to receive either an Ice Pick or Ice Block. If you're looking for even more Ice Picks and Ice Blocks you can buy them with your Aion Kinah US in the store.

Part Two: First Drink is Free for Level 20+

If you're looking to quench that summer thirst, the Bartender at the Daeva & Beach Bar will be offering one free drink for all Daevas level 20 or higher. His cocktails made of Aether will boost your fighting spirit a little bit while tasting great. If you need another drink, you'll be able to exchange six Ice Blocks for one of his Cocktail Shakers.

The Cocktail Shaker will provide two of the following drinks: Manduri Sour/ Blue Atreia/ Ribbit Sunrise/ Brommeltini

Rewards and Instances

You can get great rewards in this event. Some of them are very rare and extremely wonderful. But the rewards are too many to make a list, you can find out what they are in this event. That's a surprise for you. 

This summer party will end on August 8. suggest you to seize this chance and enjoy this incredible event now. And please feel free to visit our website if you meet any challenge. We always have huge Aion Kinah in stock for you. It's our pleasure to help you.