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Aion 6.0 New Class Equipment Guide - Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-07-27 16:52:34
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Aion's large-scale update REFLY was launched on July 25th. The revision also greatly overturned the previous version of the game content, character attributes, equipment items will also be fully innovative, and new areas, new copies, new transformation systems, etc. . Let players experience the new Aion game content.


Aion 6.0 large-scale update REFLY has launched a revolutionary revision update in Taiwan, simultaneously launching three new stage equipments of ancient, legend and ultimate. In this regard, NCsoft also provides relevant introductions. Now gold.raiditem, a safe and efficient Aion Kinah seller, will lead the player to understand the features of the new equipment system.

Comprehensive equipment innovation

The Refly revision will completely renovate the equipment system. The equipment level will be divided into three stages: ancient/legend/ultimate equipment. All equipments are classified into PVP and PVE according to their purposes.

The ultimate cold blue flame PVE equipment and the ultimate burning red flame PVP equipment. 

New Rubik's Cube system

The Rubik's Cube system is a growth factor that can increase the player's attribute ability. The Rubik's Cube stage is divided into three levels, and the ability value is assigned according to the level. Each level consists of different stages. To help level up, most players choose to buy Aion Kinah US from a safe and reliable website like gold.raiditem.

New Sands Chamber of Commerce

The "Golden Sand Chamber of Commerce" system, which can purchase props through Jina and Nuggets, has been added. On the "Clothes" page, you can use the clothing that is previewed by Kina "Batch Purchase".

Add appearance and hairstyle

Add a new character look and hairstyle.

That's all about the new equipment guide, in addition, the official also launched a new server "Space God" exclusive activities, "Lacolum base battle", "surprise box" and other large-scale celebrations, if you want to Know more about Aion guide, you can come to the most professional and specialized game seller, and here you can also buy Aion Kinah without getting banned. Waiting for your visit!