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Preview Aion: Awakened Legacy Details on

  • 2018-10-09 11:03:57
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Previously we shared the information that a new update will hit Aion on October 24. Recently the developers released the details of two new features- Lakrum & New Instances. You must eager to know that what will these new features bring into Aion. No rush, all you want to know is revealed below.

article is going to share all details of these new features for you today. And if you want to get prepared for this new update, then it's time to buy Aion Kinah on our website instead of spending your time to farm it in game slowly. 

New Zone: Lakrum

Lakrum is an ancient land, created by Aion centuries ago and protected by the Jotun. At the center of this ancient, forest-covered area, Aion built a grand temple to house a divine relic imbued with Aion’s divine magic. Ereshkigal has caught wind of the relic's powers.

Once you reach level 75, you'll continue your journey to Lakrum. Exploring this ancient land will take you to level 80; but remember, Lakrum is dense with both friend and foe alike—all fighting to gain power. You'll need to be ready for anything that comes your way. 

Sitting at the north of Lakrum, and nested in Shaded Pine Forest, is Lakrum Fortress. This fortress is key to maintaining power in the region, so it's highly desired by Asmodians, Elyos, and the Balaur. Artifacts scattered around the area can also be vital in capturing and controlling the fortress. Claim the fortress to bring a strategic advantage, and rewards, to your side.

New Instances

- Primeth's  Forge: Level 80 - 6 members - 4 Entries per week

Rewards: Legendary & Ultimate Armor, Plumes, PvE Enchantment Stones

The Jotun protecting the relic have been turned to stone, and Frigida, under Ereshkigal's orders, is using Primeth to createa weapon capable of containing the relic's pure divine energy. Venture into Primeth's Forge to wake the Jotun and stop Frigida!

- Qubrinerk's Cubic Workshop: Level 80 - 1 Member - 7 Entries per week

Rewards: Cubicles

The Shugo scientist, Qubrinerk, was working on "Cubics"— concentrated Aether capable of making any Daeva more powerful—until Shulacks raided it and took control of the lab. With the help of Qubrinerk's Mercenaries, enter Qubrinerk's Cubic Workshop to help rid her of her Shulack problem and be rewarded. Nyerk.

Updated Instances

Infernal Drakenspire Depths is an updated and more difficult version of Drakenspire Depths. This instance will offer some of the best equipment you can get, but you'll only be able to enter if your faction controls Lakrum Fortress. Some more familiar instances can be found in Lakrum, and have been updated for the higher level cap with new rewards and higher difficulty.

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