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The Blooming Given Grove in Aion is Waiting to Reward You- Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-07-02 17:00:27
  • Aion Kinah
  • gold.raiditem
  • Aion Kinah US

The Given Grove event has last for while, and it'll end on July 18. If you haven't noticed this event, just pay more attention. This event is totally a reward, and all you need to do is to plant a tree seed and help it to grow up and bloom.


The tree seed is tradable, which means you can use Aion Kinah to buy them. The more trees you get, the more prizes you get. Visit to buy them if you are lack of Aion Kinah US, because it is the most convenient way. 

To participate the Given Grove event, you need to follow steps below. 
Step 1: Finding three Magic Saplings and their gardener the Arbor Keeper in the capital cities.
Step 2: Speaking to the Arbor Keeper will give you a one-time quest, which provides you with a nutrient bundle. 

Step 3: Opening the bundle, you will be able to pick the nutrient corresponding to the sapling you wish to use it on (Robust, Shiny, and Solemn). Use the nutrient on the sapling to receive an Inferior Present and a Magic Tree Seed.

That's not a complicate step to follow, but you need to notice the following points.

1.Obtaining 1,500 Magic Tree Seeds you can combine them to get a Fused Magic Tree Seed. You can use this seed to grow begin growing Magic Trees. 

2.There are three different trees, and each one has three stages. The higher a tree's stage is, the better the rewards will be when you feed it nutrients.

3.Each tree offers different rewards, so be sure to use your nutrients or seed on the tree you want! Keep in mind, all three trees will return to their sapling forms during the weekly maintenance.

The rewards are varied, and it'll be a pleasure to find out what they are when you feed them different nutrients. So, the prizes are waiting for you to explore. If your shortage of Aion Kinah US prevent you to join the event, you know that can offer you the cheapest Aion Kinah. Don't hesitate to contact us if you don't want to miss this gorgeous event.