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Some Details of Fricks - Another Albion Online Guild Spotlight |

  • 2018-09-10 15:29:06
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A few days ago we introduced the first guild Spotlight of the Albion Online Guild, Guild Not Found, the most important Italian guild in Albion. And today gold.raiditem will bring you the second guild Fricks, a staff who likes to play, and also contains the average PvP impact.


Fricks may be primarily thought of as a whole fun and positive vibration guild, but they can still bring heat when needed. Tell us about your guild. What type of activity are you concerned about? What kind of member are you looking for? If you want to buy cheap Albion Online Gold, gold.raiditem will be your best choice.

Guild name: Fricks

Alliance: POWER

Guild leaders: Veetus, Trollhouse, Bloodbaron

Date founded: July 17th, 2017

Number of members: ~190 

Primary language: English

Fricks was founded on launch day by Veetus. The Filthy Casuals merged into Fricks several months later, and today Fricks are a very solid guild in the world of Albion. If you want to have a positive player environment, love to say “Fricks are recruiting” and want to experience a lot of PvP activities, Fricks are probably a great fit for you. And now you can click gold.raiditem to get Albion Online Gold with the most reasonable prices and the fastest delivery.

Fricks are based out of Sunlit at the moment, located in Northwest Mercia. They have their own songs. (Full album coming soon.) They roleplay from time to time and form gank parties as well as faction warfare. They also make memories and memes and even freestyle rap in Discord.

Fricks was originally a Twitch-based community guild, but over time it grew into a powerful ultimate gaming guild, working with meaningful alliances and making a splash in the game. Their goal is to continue to do what we have been doing and create content for our members. The ultimate goal of Fricks is that players can have a great time on Albion Online.

If you like a positive environment and are full of love, don't hesitate to join the Fricks Guild. Fricks has been working hard to bring more content to players such as guild activities, including in-game contributions/sweepstakes and loot as rewards. For more information about the guild or Albion Online news, stay tuned for gold.raiditem. We have more than 10 years of experience in game currency sales and welcome to gold.raiditem buy Albion Online Gold.