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Albion Online New Referral Season Now Live! -

  • 2018-07-19 15:07:16
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It's very thrilling for all Albion Online fans that the new referral season is finally start on July 17. It's time to join this fantastic event with your friend and get those incredible rewards. But before join referral season directly, it would be better to get prepared in advance.


You must know, to buy albion online silver is the simplest and most convenient way to get prepared. It can save both your time and energy. For your information, make it cheap, fast and safe to buy albion online silver online without registration. You can learn more on our website later. Now, let's learn how to join referral season and earn the rewards when you are prepared.

The new referral season is available until August 22. so you have plenty time to enjoy this event. There are three ways to collect referrals and earn a Bighorn Ram:

- The easiest way is by sending Trial Keys to your friends. Each key redeemed on an account without a key on it will count toward your referral season progress.

- Additionally, any Starter Pack that you buy and that gets redeemed on an account without a key will also count toward your progress.

- And last, if a friend registers through your referral link, then buys and redeems a Starter Pack on their account, you'll also progress.

New rewards of this season include: 

- the Recruiter's Wooden Chest

- the Recruiter's Fur Cape

- the Recruiter's Bighorn Ram

You can bring your friends and join the wonderful referral season now. Gold.raiditem believe that you can absolutely get whole rewards and have fun. It would be better for you to grab some cheap albion online silver on our website to collect referrals easily. You are welcomed to visit our website at any time when you meet challenges. We'd be honored to offer you help.