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Albion Online Guide: How To Earn Seasonal Referral Rewards -

  • 2018-08-23 15:43:28
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Albion Online is a medieval sandbox and cross-platform MMO for Linux, Mac and Windows. This MMO also provides players with a vast character customization system with no class restrictions. Along with a fully player-managed economy and dynamic PvP battles.


The new recommendation season for albion online has started! Recommend your friends and receive three new rewards: Recruiter's Barrel-Crate, Recruiter's Beer Mug and Saint Bernard. Read on to see what's coming your way! In Gold.raiditem players can not only find the latest albion online news, but also can enjoy cheapest albion online silver and albion online gold.

How to Earn Seasonal Referral Rewards

The new referral season lasts until September 26. There are three ways to collect referrals and earn a Saint Bernard:

The easiest way is by sending Trial Keys to your friends. Each key redeemed on an account without a key on it will count toward your referral season progress.

Additionally, any Starter Pack that you buy and that gets redeemed on an account without a key will also count toward your progress.

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And last but not least, if a friend registers through your referral link, then buys and redeems a Starter Pack on their account, you’ll also progress.

The new recommended season will last for about a month, and players can arrange their own time to collect referrals and earn a Saint Bernard before the end. If you are interested in cheap albion online silver, don't hesitate to click on our website to make an order. Your account will be safe with buying Albion Online Silver here. Also we never disclose your personal information to any third party without your permission. We always keep our client's information safe.