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Albion Online: How to Speed Up Your Gathering Progress

  • 2017-11-14 17:37:11
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Never miss gold.raiditem if you want to buy Albion Online Silver at the bottom price. And top free Albion Online guides also available here. Now, here are some Albion Online gathering guide that can help you gather high-tier materials in the black zone fast.


Gathering in Albion Online can seem repetitive and tedious at times, thankfully there are a number of ways to speed up your progression and get a leg up on the competition! Besides that, gold.raiditem can offer you hot Albion Online Silver to speed up your progress.

Spend your Learning Points on gathering tier upgrades. If you specialize in gathering a specific resource then the LP cost for tier completion is not that high. Using Learning Points can shave hours off of your gathering time and help you get to higher tier nodes faster.

Using a mount will massively speed up your gathering times! Depending on the Founder Pack that you purchased, you may have a mount on day 1. If not, you could always aim for the donkey – a quick and sturdy mount which is obtained by referring a friend to the world of Albion Online.

Consuming pies will give you an additional gathering boost. With a 10% increase, pies are great to use when you head out on high-tier gathering trips. They will provide more gathering fame as well as a higher quantity of valuable resources.

Actually, equipping gathering gear can provide great benefits. Gathering gear in Albion Online comes with great defensive escape abilities that let you slip away from enemy ganks without losing your resources. The gatherer's backpacks will also greatly increase your carrying capacity and help you avoid wasting time traveling back and forth between town.
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