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Some Secrets of Tomb of Sargeras You Should Know

  • 2017-04-28 18:54:50
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Recently, most WOW players must be addicted to the Tomb of Sargeras, which brings with it a variety of new content and updates. However, maybe you don't know these secrets of Tomb of Sargeras. Want to know more details? If so, read the following contents for the answer.


Before starting today's topic, I want to recommend as the best site to buy Anathema Gold. The upper chambers of the Tomb of Sargeras were once a place of worship to Elune. Since the Legion's invasion, fel minions have desecrated this holy place, twisting it into their own image. While the Armies of Legionfall engage the fel army directly, a small group of heroes infiltrates the upper reaches of the cathedral in a desperate hope to return the Aegis of Aggramar to its resting place. Inside this new dungeon. 

And you will meet some new dungeons include Agronox, Thrashbite the Scornful, Domatrax and Mephistroth. Agronox - Agronox served the night elves priestesses of the Temple of Elune, tending the beautiful Hanging Gardens. But after the malevolence of the Legion infected the Cathedral, the guardian absorbed fel energy through his roots. Now the twisted Agronox spreads corruption throughout the sanctuary he once protected, believing he has finally achieved his ideal state.

Thrashbite has been dispatched to wipe out the mortals entering the cathedral's grand library. The dimwitted mo'arg lacks any respect for knowledge or learning, feeling petty satisfaction as he crashes through ancient artifacts and tramples priceless tomes. With the Aegis of Aggramar socketed back into its cradle, Domatrax leads an onslaught of demons to destroy the relic. And Mephistroth has fallen back to the Cathedral of Eternal Night With the forces of Azeroth pushing against his front line.

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