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Check Out Fresh Start: Reign Part 2 Details on Now!

  • 2018-08-16 11:59:35
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ArcheAge new expansion Fresh Start: Reign Part 2 finally goes live. Every player who expects this expansion can finally explore it now. Do you want to know what you will meet in this new expansion before you step into game? Check them out in this article.

article make a details list for you to learn the new features. We hope with this list, you can conquer all these new features easily. Actually you can also buy ArcheAge gold on our website in case that you meet any challenge in game. You can make up your mind after you read the details list. 


Reedwind is available in Auroria, you can explore it now! This zone is designed around the Crimson Watch and the fight against the Thunderwing Titan. It rotates between peace and war. Players will be able to continue to hunt Abyssal Legion monsters in hopes of upgrading their Hiram gear, as well as items to awaken this gear to Tier 2.

Thunderwing Titan

Thunderwing Titan can now be fought. A premier PVE raid encounter, in which players fly with enchanted wings to chase the titan. Normal and Hard modes provide raid level drops, including a new glider, as well as raid tier weapons. To summon the Thunderwing Titan, players must compete against other factions to assemble Haje's Tower for their faction, and the first to complete can summon the boss. Therefore, you need to make a great to collect these items, or you can use your ArcheAge gold to speed this procedure. 

Delphinad Ghost Ships

Delphinad Ghost Ships will now appear on the high seas! Raid level Ghost Ships that spawn at specific times upon the seas, taking these down will provide players with Delphinad Ghost Ship Stone Slabs, which can be turned in for charcoal at Freedich Isle.

New features you may meet in Fresh Start: Reign Part 2 are all mentioned above. hope you can enjoy this new expansion. Please contact us at any time when you need help. As the best ArcheAge gold seller, we'll try our best to solve all your problems. It's our honor to help you complete your noble quest.