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ArcheAge Marketplace Update In Week of August 20 -

  • 2018-08-24 15:51:11
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Hello, everyone adventurers! Soon the season of going back to school is coming, ArcheAge also provided the right clothing for Legacy and Fresh!


The market has updated a lot of content. Before introducing you to Black Sands Crate, let us introduce other new content for this week's market update. If you want to find a professional online game currency seller, then it is suggested that is the best place to buy ArcheAge Gold for you.

Kraken House Uniform Pack – 3,000 Credits

Leviathan House Uniform Pack – 3,000 Credits

Each pack comes with the perfect accessories to start your own school, with a Classroom Desk, Chair and Lockbox!

If you need extra classroom decor, you can purchase additional desks, chairs and lock boxes for each 500 points!

New Synthesis and Loot Packs for Legacy and Fresh!

The Costume Synthesis Pack is available for 2,500 Credits:

1 Synthesis Costume Ticket

120 Clear Synthium Shards

120 Vivid Synthium Shards

1 Bound Serendipity Stone

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The Treasure Hunt Pack is offered at 1,500 credits:

8 Bound Lucky Elixir

4 Bound Lucky Quicksilver Tonics

4 Bound Greed Grimoires

4 Greedy Dwarven Elixirs


Featuring the new must-have Black Sands costume as a rare drop, these crates contain a great many other valuable goods. Available on both Legacy and Fresh at 450 credits per crate, they await your perusal!

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