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Amazing Celebration Event is Underway in ArcheAge-

  • 2018-09-14 11:14:25
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The 4th anniversary of ArcheAge finally upon us. In order to celebrate this fantastic big event, ArcheAge officially announced that they are going to hod various events in game. Today, let's check out the details of each event together.


Based on the information know, the date of each event is different. Therefore, you need to read this article very carefully in case that you miss the event. Besides, we have huge cheap ArcheAge gold in stock all time. You can get some form our website without registration to prepare for these exciting events. 

Water Gun Festival: 09/12 – 09/26

This is a 3v3 area event, in which participants can receive rewards three times per day! Level requirement: 30. And you can get the folloing rewards if you join this event.

Victory: 4 Kyrios Badges, 4 Unidentified Hiram Infusions

Defeat: 2 Kyrios Badges, 2 Unidentified Hiram Infusions

Draw: 2 Kyrios Badges, 2 Unidentified Hiram Infusions

Tiny Treasure Taffy Event: 09/26 – 10/10

Adventurers of ANY level will be able to acquire a Tiny Treasure Taffy up to three times a day, per account, during this promotion. Don't try saving it for later, it'll only melt in your pocket and become unusable after 24 hours! When the Taffy is used, players will have 3 options to choose from:

Increases loot drop rate by 80%, lasts 30 minutes

Increases loot drop rate by 50%, lasts 60 minutes

Increases loot drop rate by 30%, lasts 120 minutes

This item will stack with Lucky Elixirs!

Hiram Hype Galore: 10/17 – 10/24

This event runs a little later than the others, but it's well worth waiting for – besides, it gives you time to save up your credits and reach level 50! Players may purchase the following items once per day per account: Hiram Guardian Gear Crate- requires level 50 to open, player can select a Hiram Guardian Weapon/Armor/Intsrument/ Unidentified Hiram Infusions x2

Free Labor Potion: 09/13 – 09/27

During this event, any player level 30 or higher will be able to obtain a time-limited 500-labor potion from the Marketplace for FREE! The potion lasts 24 hours from the time it is obtained, and if not used, it will be removed, ready for the next one. Only one Free Labor potion may be purchased per day, per account.

The Water Gun Festival event is already begin in game now. hope you can enjoy this event and have fun. If you need gold ArcheAge to upgrade, please seek help from us. As the most experienced seller, we will offer you the best services. Please contact us for further information.