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ArcheAge: Conquer the Sky With Eagle Glider Crate-

  • 2018-09-17 11:36:10
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Do you think you are a warrior in ArcheAge? Do you want to be more powerful with the power of the sky? Here comes your chance. The Eagle Glider Crate is now available in market this week!


Based on the information know, you are guaranteed to get the Eagle Glider once you open this crate. There will also be other items you may need. Thus, it would cost you lots of ArcheAge gold if you want to get this crate. You better get prepared in advance. 

When you deploy the glider, a giant eagle dives from the sky to scoop you up and fly you to glory! Nothing will lift your spirits in quite the same way as flying across Erenor on the back of a great eagle. This glider is the rare drop from the Eagle Glider Crate, and the eagle has some special skill you may want to know: 

- Dive Attack: during a flight, your eagle will rush to your prey within 40 meters. The force of his strike will stun the hapless target for 2 seconds and drop him from a height of 20 meters- when it falls, it will take more damage!

The Eagle Glider Crate is Available on Fresh and Legacy.And the lucky folks who find the Wrapped Enhanced Eagle Glider will find it comes with the following stats:

- Flight Speed: High

- Gliding Ability: High

- Turning Speed: High

- Launch Height: High

Except the crate, there is also another event called Credit Top-Up.

- Buy a $100 Credit pack to receive a Wrapped Moonlight Kitsu for free!

- Get a $50 Credit Pack and you'll gain 50 Loyalty Tokens for free!

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