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Have You Tried These ArcheAge Gold Guides

  • 2017-05-18 15:04:10
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As a MMORPG fan, you must have played ArcheAge. And without doubt that you must need ArcheAge Gold in playing ArcheAge. You can buy ArcheAge Gold at some good sites like Or you can earn gold with excellent game skills. Today, I want to share useful ArcheAge guides of how to earn ArcheAge Gold.


Log is a good way to make ArcheAge Gold in game. It means that everyone is out there looking for logs, bringing the value of a single log to 30 silvers. You can get 1 gold by logging a single basic tree and earning 3-5 logs. Such as you can earn 100 gold coins by Logging 100 trees. Earn gold by completing daily tasks is also a good method. ArcheAge has a bunch of daily Merit Quests that players can complete to earn Merit Badges, and up to 60 gold, depending on their levels.

In ArcheAge, each region of the 2 main continents have Specialty Workbenches that players can use to craft trade packs. These packs generally require a Quality Certificate and a set number of two types of materials. Once crafted, the trade pack can be taken to Gold Traders in other regions. Once you submit it to them, you receive a notice that payment will be made in 22 hours with a 5% interest. 

Actually, the further you take the pack, the more gold you'll receive. It is good to note that this is evaluated through the walking distance required, and that having the convenience of an airship reducing the distance does not affect the payout. 

No matter what, you can notice it is not easy to earn ArcheAge Gold in game. If you want to level up rapidly, you can buy ArcheAge Gold directly at gold.raiditem. 100% safe and cheap ArcheAge Gold is guaranteed! Big bonus waiting for you!