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Want to Know How To Get Ultimate Archeage Gliders?

  • 2017-05-31 18:28:51
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As a veteran in Archeage, you must know control your character in the air with Gliders. Actually, it is the most important personal transaction in Archeage. Especially in the PvP, you must need high-performance Glider to attack or escape. There is no doubt that all the players want to know how to upgrade to ultimate Archeage Gliders. Read the following parts for more details.


You can get glider at level 10, and you can get the ultimate Glider after you arriving at level 20. You definitely need ArcheAge Gold in the process. And you should find the Auctionner and teleport to Mirage Isle. To find the Glider Designs location in this map. There are 4 Gliders in this location, you can but it as you want.

You need the Carpentry Workbench to level up your Glider, there will be some in big camps and big cities, you will see a desk in a table just as the attached picture. The Experimental Glider you obtain can be upgraded three times. Each upgrade is in the form of a blueprint purchased for gold at Mirage Island, you use these blueprints along with your glider in the Machining section of a Carpentry Workbench. The upgrades must be done in order, if you want the Enhanced Glider then you must upgrade to the Improved Glider first. 

While flying you will be able to change your height, directions and speed while using your movement keys or mouse with the primary button held down. When flying the only limit to where you can explore is whether or not you have sufficient height to pass over obstacles. The higher you are on the terrain when you deploy your glider the further you will be able to fly and the higher the obstacles you'll be able to fly over.

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