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Maelstrom: Archeage next major update - 4.0

  • 2017-11-09 17:46:17
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Many Archeage players are waiting for the next major update - 4.0. According to the official site, we can know this update named Maelstrom.


Anchoring the update are a number of improvements and additional features including a reworked Gem system, an open world raid finder, updates to crafting and the addition of Bloodsalt Bay, a naval PvP arena. One of the key things for game developers to do is communicate with their fanbase. Stay tuned more news at gold.raiditem, which is the best site to buy ArcheAge Gold.

Maelstrom, is swirling into ArcheAge on December 6. But this is more than just another major update for us. We're going beyond just updating the game, and looking at what we can improve in everything we do.

On Steam, the Archeage team promised that in the future, starting with the Maelstrom update, players can expect more open communication between the ArcheAge team and you. There will be developer updates and diaries about the game, and tests to make sure that future updates go better. For example, once Maelstrom is out, the next update will be a major balancing of the battle system.

And here are some details from the official original post:
Coming in a major update after Maelstrom is our Battle Balance patch. This major re-balancing of skills and combat is taking a hard focus on both class balance and specific skill balance within the world of ArcheAge.

These changes are being tested extensively by the Korean community at this very moment in specially organized “Focus Test Groups,” that XLGAMES is arranging. We're excited to announce North America and Europe will be participating in these tests for the first time too. It's important to all of us that we begin including community feedback into game changes before they're released to your servers.

Get your testing reflexes prepared:we'll provide more information on how our focus tests will be conducted and how we'll choose our testing candidates from the community as we move forward.

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