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New ArcheAge Pet "Black Bloomfang" is Awaiting in the Crate- Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-06-29 15:42:49
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According to the ArcheAge official website, the Violet Bloomfang is back. He didn't back alone, but with his friend the Black Bloomfang. And it's a good news for you that you can get them from the Bouncing Bloomfangs Crate. You don't want to miss this.


You need to buy a lot of crates if you want to get the Bloomfangs instead of the common drops. That means you will have to spend loads of ArcheAge Gold. Don't panic if yours are in shortage, gold.raiditem com is the beat and safest place to buy ArcheAge Gold. Here you can find the cheapest price and instant delivery service. If that's exactly what you need, please contact us immediately.

The Bouncing Bloomfangs Crate is available during June 28- July 12. Seize this chance and use your ArcheAge Gold to buy them, and you have a big chance to get these items.

Common Drops: Healing Grimoire/Meditation Grimoire/Bound Hereafter Stone/Honor Boost Tonic/Marshmallow Sugar Pumpkin/Bound Tax Certificate/ Flaming Pinion

Uncommon Drops: Specialization Snowflake/Companion Crust/Expansion Scroll/Building Management Title/Vocation Tonic/Professional Tonic/Yellow Regrade Charm/Red Regrade Charm/Superior Yellow Regrade Charm/Super Armor Temper/Super Weapon Temper/Superior Red Regrade Charm/Crest Trade Pack Storage

Rare Drops: Lucky Sunpoint/Lucky Moonpoint/Lucky Starpoint/Superior Yellow/Regrade Charm/Wrapped Violet Bloomfang/Wrapped Black Bloomfang/Superior Red Regrade Charm

Aren't they attractive for you? Then join this event without any hesitation. Remember, the best ArcheAge gold seller who can offer you the cheapest price and instant delivery is Don't be afraid to visit our website, we are completely trustworthy.