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ArcheAge gold Successor Levels and Skill Upgrades

  • 2017-05-02 18:01:33
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The biggest complaints about ArcheAge Gold generally stem from the cash marketplace. There are a few major changes coming in Revelation that affect both fresh start and legacy servers. Before a game truly launches, the team behind the title is often charged with testing the game rigorously to ensure quality, and make sure that when it does launch, everything is as close to good as possible.


First off, the option to directly purchase labor potions is being removed. The standard ArcheAge Gold subscription and labor stipend will still be available, but this will help put a cap on how much players can pay to recover labor. Additionally, Archeum is being removed from lockboxes, which means that it will be 100 percent obtained through gameplay. These changes will still allow paying players to obtain a benefit over free ones, but it won’t be as drastic as before. 100% cheap and safe Buy ArcheAge Gold also available at 

For fresh start servers, there has been a major push to remove progression-based items from the marketplace. Things like farm cart upgrades, pre-built houses, farms, and the infamous Rumbling Sapling will not be available at launch. However, these items will slowly be added back into the game eventually. Currently, there is no set timeline to reintroduce these items. According to the developers, it will happen “when it’s appropriate for the server.”

Finally, a fun new jukebox item will also be added to cheap ArcheAge Gold. Players will be able to purchase the item for their home for 1200 credits, which will contain tracks from Invocation Array. These new updates coming to ArcheAge Gold look quite impressing, and we really hope that they will also be implemented to the EU and NA version of the MMORPG published by Trion Worlds.