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Black Desert News more

Next BDO Update Arrives in 2018, Adding Alluring-Design Mystic Class

Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss announced that Black Desert Online's next major update will arrive on January 3rd, 2018. Earlier this month, Pearl Abyss has revealed their plans regarding current issues and the game's update plan. Now work the developers has done has take you the even better BDO.

Future Plans for Black Desert Online Came Out at the Black Desert Fest - Gold.raiditem

Pearl Abyss Corp, the developer of Black Desert Online, has announced their future plans for Black Desert Online revealed at the Black Desert FESTA: new region Dreagan, Neater UI, and more.

Black Desert New Expansion: "Kamasylvia Part II" Goes Live

Black Desert Online is already a massive game, graced by one of the biggest and richest open worlds in the genre. Back in September, Pearl Abyss added the Kamasylvia expansion for this game along with the caveat that it would be coming in two sections. And now the game becomes bigger than ever before as a new expansion "Kamasylvia Part II" is available from November 15.

Top Guides for How to Make Black Desert Silver - Gold.raiditem

In Black Desert Online game, Silver is one of the most important resources which can be used to purchasing many things. If you are new to this game and wondering about how to gain Black Desert Silver easily, this article is helpful to you.

Halloween Themed Content on Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online allows players to travel through the land in search of treasure and adventure to become the top craftsmen in the land. Halloween is around the corner and the official site releases some content based on Halloween 2017. For both new comers and veterans, there will set up trade routes and breed horses or compete against other guilds in epic siege warfare.

Black Desert Online: Top Guides for New Gamers

Do you know the game Black Desert Online? Do you have any friends who play this game? If you are a new player, here are some useful guides about Black Desert Online that I can suggest for you...

3 Methods to Get Black Desert Online Silver

In the previous passage, I briefly introduce four ways to get Black Desert Online Silver. In this passage, I focus on introducing some other ways to help you get Black Desert Online Silver.

Top 3 Ways to Help You Level up in the Game Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is an interesting RPG,because it comes with many deep systems. At first, the players may be confused. At last they will have a good understanding of how the game develops and how to build up the character.

Fast and Efficient Access to Get Black Desert Online Silver

Black desert online is an game which focus on 3D movie-level screen, open free skills, holographic light and shadow scenery, extraordinary combat combat sense. Large siege warfare is also one of the characteristics of the "black desert". A lot of people like to experience stimulating feeling fight against others.

The Top 4 Approaches to Getting Black Desert Online Silver

Black Desert Online Silver is one of the most important resources in Black Desert Online, with almost everything you do in the game costing you this in-game currency to some degree or another. You’re going to need a lot of silver in Black Desert Online.

Black Desert Review: How Can Newbie Be Ready for Kamasylvia Expansion?

Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss revealed its fantasy MMO has sold over 530,000 copies on Steam and has 7.65 million registered players. And if you pay some attention to the latest data, you can find that the users keep rising actively at present and in the near future.

Black Desert Developer Indicates SEA Server's Coming with Mobile Tech

While wandering around the business halls at ChinaJoy 2017, we were surprised to see Pearl Abyss, developer of the popular Black Desert, having a small booth within the Korean games pavilion. In this article, Pear will take us more industry analysis. Of course, you can still farm Black Desert Silver cheap and fast.

Black Desert Online: Watch New Mystic Class in All Her Glorys

So far, Black Desert Online's new Mystic Class still hasn't been playable in game even on the Korean servers. But now, you can see some new features revelaed in Character Creation VIdeos. In order to help build up a friendly environment for players to buy Black Desert Online Silver, gold.raiditem will continue to improve our selling service.

Black Desert Online: Arrival of Terrmian Waterpark Grand, Attendance Rewards!

This week's patch brings a variety of smaller fixes and improvements and we are happy to announce the arrival of the Terrmian Waterpark and a new round of Attendance Rewards. Size of the patch will be ~778,77 MB

Black Desert Online: The Lore and More Questions Need To Answer

Have you ever imagined that How would the model of lore of the world in Black Desert Online be created? Recently, German fansite BDO-Rollenspiel have closer conversation with JaeHee Kim, the Black Desert's Project Director. The topic is the lore of the world including Kamasylvia regions, the classes and races, and the overrall functionality. etc.

Black Desert Online: The New Trailer Shows Beautiful Vista

Players, your long-awaited new trailer of Black Desert Online has been released by Pearl Abyss. From the trailer, we can take a look at the upcoming part II of the Kamasylvia expansion. Remember that Black Desert Online Silver is the premium currency in this game. Now you have easiest way to get it.

Details About Notes and Workers of Black Desert Online

For Majority of BDO players, the Notes and Workers play very important role in game. Black Desert Online has its sub system. One type of this system is called Nodes that play out similar to the trade routes and unit management in 4X game.

Players Deserve Considerable BDO Silver Service From Trustworthy Gold.raiditem

As it was first released by Korean video developer Pearl Abyss, Black Desert Online has acquired rapid development. Its appearance can be seen in many countries like Japan and Europe. The game takes an MMORPG experience that players are usually amazed at the traditional level, loot, and gear aspects of the genre with nontraditional mini-game.

How To Make Silver Fast in Black Desert Online?

Black Desert Online is a sandbox-oriented MMORPG game with a wide variety of play styles which suit a large number of people. As Black Desert players know, Silver is one of the most important resources in Black Desert Online. If you have enough silver, you can have a good experience in Black Desert. So the question about how to make silver has became players’ main concern.

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