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BNS News: Frozen Firing Range Event Dungeon Is Coming Soon - Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-08-03 18:20:09
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The Blade&Soul website recently revealed an event that will be open to players on August 15. Known as the Frozen Shooting Range, the Dungeon will provide "cool dun" for players who participate in the dungeon to get new cosmetics and consumables and receive daily challenge rewards.


The event will be held from August 15th to September 5th and players will be rewarded between September 5th and October 17th.Enter the frozen shooting range and complete the daily mission "Open Season" to get a frozen fun bag, you can open some guaranteed rewards. For the fun rewards form you can continue visit We are a professional company with 10 years experience in selling gold. We are a top class site specializing in Blade and Soul Gold.

Check the full table of rewards by visiting the Blade & Soul site.

Gain increased rewards from Daily Challenges as well as exciting costumes and consumables.

The weather is heating up, but you can cool off in the Frozen Firing Range! Head into the Frozen Firing Range event dungeon for new cosmetics and consumables, and gain increased Daily Challenge rewards during the event period.

Frozen Firing Range

Event Duration: August 15 - September 5

Reward Redemption Period: September 5 - October 17

Head into the Frozen Firing Range and complete the daily quest “Open Season” to receive 1 Frozen Fun Bag, which you can open for some guaranteed rewards, like three Ice Pellet event currency, as well as a chance to receive more rare rewards like Pet Pack, Sacred Vial, and Divine Grace Stone. BNS Gold for sale also available at

You can receive five additional Ice Pellets per day by completing the Daily Challenge, and completing the cold-themed dungeon quests below will each reward you with one additional Ice Pellet.

The Daily Challenge Treasure Chest, in addition to providing Ice Pellets, will also provide overall increased rewards during this event. Be sure to take advantage of improved Daily Challenge rewards during the Summer Ice-Block Party event!

Once you’ve saved up enough Ice Pellets, open the Dragon Express to redeem them for a variety of rewards and cosmetics! Do not hesitate,just come and buy BNS Gold from Gold.Raiditem!

You might want to stock up on Icicles during this event as they offer you immunity to a single attack. While you’re frozen you’ll also benefit from increased HP recovery. They can be fun and useful toys for PvP!

What’s more, additional clothing sales and promotions will be held near the Frozen Firing Range on August 15th. For more details, please keep an eye on gold.raiditem, we will update the latest activities and updates of the games you are interested in. We always provide our customers with a better and reasonable price instead of gaining huge profits. We will try our best to keep the BNS Gold price steady and a lower level for you!