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New Dungeon The Shadowmoor Hits BNS on September 12-

  • 2018-09-06 11:27:58
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Previously we shared the details of BNS new expansion Warden's Fury. It's absolutely a fantastic expansion to expect. Recently the developers announced a new dungeon called The Shadowmoor which will come alongside Warden's Fury on September 12. Do you want to have a preview of this dungeon? Then check all details out today.


The Shadowmoor is a dungeon based on water. That means you have to defeat your enemies on the open sea. And the boos Mookwan and its crew could not be defeated on the open water. Therefore, suggest you to prepare yourself before step into the dungeon. And it's well known that you will be more powerful if you have huge BNS gold in stock. It's absolutely wise if you start farm gold now. 

Here are some basic information of Shadowmoor you should know. 

- 6-player Heroic Dungeon

- Available in Normal and Hard Difficulty

- Recommended for Level 55 – HM 16

- Players will need to have finished Act 8, Chapter 20: Restorations 

Obviously, Shadowmoor is a very challenging dungeon. Mookwan and his crew made a deadly bargain with the sea that held their souls captive. The Shadowmoor and her undead crew rose from their watery grave to sail again in exchange for a thousand ships and souls to take their place in the dark abyss. As the best warrior, you must stop them for eternal pace and yourself. Of course, you can get the following treasures if you defeats them.

- Imperial Ring/ Sealed Imperial Ring Chest

- Shadowmoor Ring/ Shadowmoor Belt

- Captain Mookwan's Psyche

- Silver Scale/ Sealed Silver Scale/ Sea Glass

- Blood Pearl

- Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

- Rare Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

- Sky's Inheritance Ring Chest                      

- Divine Beast Bracelet Chest  

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