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What BNS Guides You Should Know for Speeding Up Your Progress

  • 2017-12-05 17:47:12
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In Blade and Soul, precious loots mostly lie hidden in dungeons and instances. Know exactly what items are rewarded and using the knowledge provided by this guide, clear a dungeon faster in one attempt, rather than trying it four or five times. Everything starts with ample information on dungeon masters and bosses. Be ahead of their every move by knowing their maneuver and attack patterns, strengths, weaknesses, and other fighting details. Dispatch even the most difficult enemies by making a proper combat strategy. We also drop hints on effective leveling strategies while inside the dungeons. Not only that, this guide also has a comprehensive information on items and gears that you can get in each dungeon, in addition to suggested party modes in each specific dungeon. Thus, you need to buy BNS Gold at gold.raiditem to buy items and gears.

Finding the right class with the right build and gear can feel like rocket science to some. Getting it right is very important when soloing and grouping. You do not want to look like a noob because of that poor skill build, right? Picking and becoming an expert in a class can now be done with confidence and certainty, thanks to this Blade and Soul Strategy Guide. Whether you want to be a Blade Master, Summoner, Destroyer or Kung Fu Master, this guide is your handy resource in making the right choice. We not only give you skill builds for both PvP and PvE, you will also be provided with a complete analysis and in-depth strategies on how to unleash deadly combo attacks and make the most out of all seven classes.

Crafting is also necessary in Blade and Soul. There are many purposes why we craft: to accumulate a fortune, to get the best gears for your character, or to advance in the game. One thing's for sure, a trial and error method combined with obsolete advise will only result to you getting a lot less than what could have been rightfully yours. There are a lot of myths out there about crafting and Killer Guides' Blade and Soul Strategy Guide dispels a lot of those in its chapters on crafting. Focus on how to level your second profession like a pro, amass your wealth, and avoid expensive mistakes with this guide by your side.

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