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Do You Really Know the Race of Blade and Soul?-

  • 2018-06-25 18:28:33
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It's vital for players to know all the race in Blade and Soul. What are they? What can they do? Once you know them as you know yourself, it'll be easy to defeat your enemies. But, even the most experienced player barely know the differences among all race.


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So what's exactly the difference among all race in Blade and Soul? Here's the answer.

- Available Classes: Destroyer, Kung Fu Master, Force Master
- The Gon put value in skills when in combat and physical strength. They do not stop looking for ways to improve their strengths, capabilities, and the ability to appear victorious amid challenges. They are given quick anger. And once their anger have been incited, nothing can survive.

- Available Classes: Assassin, Blade Master, Kung Fu Master
- They are smaller in size than the mighty Gon and Jin combatants may appear commonplace to their opponents. But being descendants of the Black Tortoise, their rather plain facade hides a persistence and magnificent strength.

- Available Classes: Force Master, Blade Master, Kung Fu Master
- The all-female Yun have an inherent connection with nature. The Yun's finesse and class are inherited from the Funghuang, their goal is to establish the yin and yang of the world, that is why they keep themselves active in the undertakings of the contemporary world. The Yun value dignity very highly. When not out slaying enemies on the field, they are teaching and meditating with others.

- Available Classes: Summoner, Force Master, Blade Dancer
- The Lyn are easy to recognize with their small tails and big ears. This race has innate abilities which makes them special and has helped them endure in a world that is full dangers. Their heightened senses enables them to detect otherwise hidden dishonesty and deceit and also enables them to sense danger allowing them to avoid it. Their ultimate power is the ability to communicate with spirits that aid in their connection with Familiars and in using earthly powers to their advantage.

I believe you will know them better with this simple guide. Then use them wisely in game and help you conquer your quest. If you need any help, such as buy BNS gold, please contact us without any hesitation, is always the best and nicest place to go. And it'll be our privilege to be helpful to you.