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Buy Clash of Clans Gems with Big Discounts & Top 3 COC Guides

  • 2017-10-18 17:35:51
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The Halloween season has finally arrived, and gold.raiditem can offer the big discount for Clash of Clans players during this period. 14000 COC Gems only sale $60.77/65.31 from October 13 to October 31. More gems you buy, more discounts you will get!


And as the best Clash of Clans gems buying site, gold.raiditem can also offer you some useful guides and tips that can help you speed your progress in Clash of Clans.

Speaking of useful game guides, we should mention how to get gems. Without doubt, the fast way to get coc gems is to buy gems directly. Besides that, you can also save gems for a rainy day. Gems can be harvested from trees, rocks, and so on, which cost a small amount of elixir. Some players spend thousands of dollars on gems to quickly build their village, but the fun of the game comes from successfully saving for things.

And we all know we have access to wooden walls when we start the game. These walls come in at a pretty low level (level one), which means they're not worth much when high-level barbarians come barging into your base. Try to upgrade these wooden walls to level three as fast as possible (attain for level four or five if you can, too). These walls will end up being your strongest defense, so make sure you purchase all the available walls within your level. Place these walls all around your base so that no opening pathways are available for entry. Let those attackers break down your walls and struggle; don't let them ease on in without much trouble because you mistakenly left a lane open.

Besides that, never break your shield. The "Shield" protects your village from outside attack for a set period of time. Attacking another village while your shield is still active breaks it, and this is something you want to avoid. Only attacking when your shield goes down — the game gives you a notification when there is 30 minutes left — maximises the time your collectors and mines can produce resources (for free) and reduces the risk of losing trophies.

Keep the above guides in mind to move further in Clash of Clans. And don't miss gold.raiditem to buy 100% cheap and safe coc gems. Your Clash of Clans gems order can be finished in 10-20 minutes. Big bonus waiting for you!