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Clash Royale Guides: How To Level Up Fast And Effectively

  • 2017-07-11 17:16:35
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Without doubt all the Clash Royale players want to level up faster than others. Thus, I want to tell you some ultimate Clash Royale guides for today. Don't miss the following contents if you want to level up your card fast and effectively. BTW, Clash Royale gems for sale also available at gold.raiditem.


Levelling up is not only for progressing in the game, it gives you certain incentives that help you in- battle. As you level up, you unlock new troops, spells and defences. In short, it just makes your clash experience all the more better! Actually, you need experience points (xp) to increase your level. And Clash Royale gems must be necessary in leveling up. 

There are two ways that you can get xp. One is o get xp is to level up your cards. Every time you level up your cards, you get some xp. For that of course, you will need gold that you can get by opening chests. Moreover, when you open a chest, you get cards for troops, spells or defences. If you have enough cards as required, you can make an upgrade and that will give you xp.

Another way to get xp is by donating. This is similar to how it works in clash of clans. If you see a request from a clan mate, you can donate one or more cards and you will immediately notice that you get xp for it. As if this wasn't enough, you even get gold for donation. So keep the philanthropy alive and keep donating!

You will surely get the gems and xp for starters, but with clan mates to help you, you can level up faster than you can on your own. As a clan member, you can donate and receive cards that will be helpful for you to progress. Donating, as mentioned earlier, will get you xp. Furthermore, when you request for cards and your clan members donate, you will be able to upgrade your cards faster. 

Anyway, hope this post could be helpful. And we will keep on updating many useful Clash Royale guides. In addition, you can get cheap Clash Royale gems with more discounts here. We guarantee 100% safe and fast delivery!