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What Clash Royale Tips and Guides You Should Notice

  • 2017-10-26 18:09:50
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Except Clash Royale gems, gold.raiditem can also provides you top free Clash Royale guides. Follow the following tips and you can play the game better.

The Clash Royale clan can be very helpful especially if you happen to be stuck in a particular level. Apart from chatting in these rooms, you can exchange and donate playing cards to other players. Exchanging cards can help you improve your overall deck while the donating cards can help you increase your coffers. This tip is of great importance to each and every clan member.

A smart player will use Tornado to pull your Miner to his King's Tower and activate it. To avoid this, make sure to deploy your Miner in this safe tile, so Tornado cannot pull him to the King. Some cards work really well in draft, pick them if possible. Drafting is not only about choosing your cards, but also about giving cards to your opponent. It is important to draft a good deck for yourself, but it is even more important NOT to draft a good deck for your opponent. Don't give him counters to your cards. Give him cards to which you have counters.

Against a splash attacking troop, you can use a troop with lots of HP to distract it from one side, while you safely use your low HP troops to kill it from behind. You may be tempted to attack another tower immediately after you have successfully attacked the first one. However, the best offense has always been the best defense. In this case, the moment you have attacked a single tower, sit back, relax and counter your next move. Wait until the clock runs down before going for another attack. You should only continue the attack if you are up against a stronger enemy who is ready and capable of damaging your towers.

Anyway, hope you can enjoy your game time with these Clash Royale guides. Don't forget gold.raiditem is also your best choice to buy Clash Royale gems. The full stock of cheap Clash Royale gems available here. Big bonus waiting for you!