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What New Challenges You Will Meet in Destiny 2

  • 2017-05-22 19:04:38
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Bungie had released a CG trailer of Destiny 2 several weeks ago. Before we can enjoy the new game, knowing some reviews of it may be helpful to play the game better. This post can tell you what new challenges you will meet in Destiny 2. And gold.raiditem can also offer Destiny 2 Weapon for sale.


In Destiny, weapons were grouped into three slots: primary, special and heavy. Those classifications were pretty rigid, but they've disappeared in Destiny 2. Now, Destiny 2 Weapon will be split up based on the type and level of damage they do — the three slots are kinetic weapons, energy weapons and power weapons.

In focusing so strongly on the campaign at the heart of the game, Destiny 2 looks at first like it's following the pattern of the first game in the series. Destiny's previous follow-ups, in the form of four downloadable expansions of varying size and quality, by and large stepped back from the cutscene-driven, narrative-led campaign of the first game. But that doesn't mean the sequel is trying to call back to the original, which famously featured a plot that didn't make a whole lot of sense and an ending that failed to end.

And there are 4 different settings in Destiny:Earth, and three new destinations. Guardians sent to the forested European Dead Zone instead of the steppes of Old Russia in Destiny 2. And we can visit three locations in the solar system: Titan, a moon of Saturn; Nessus, a planetoid; and Io, a moon of Jupiter.

From the official news we can know that Destiny 2 won't add any new classes. However, three subclasses will be replaced. Guardians still come in three types in Destiny 2: Titan, Warlock and Hunter. Actually, there is one new subclass for each of those Guardians: the Sentinel Titan. The Defender's indispensable bubble shield is gone, but it can put up forward-facing shields. While Sunsingers can’t resurrect themselves anymore, they can heal teammates. And because these lesser powers aren't supers, you’ll be able to use them much more frequently.

We will keep on updating the related news of Destiny 2. And you can also buy Destiny 2 Weapon with more discounts at gold.raiditem. Cheap price and fast delivery are guaranteed! Let's be patient and wait for its coming.