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Destiny 2 will its PC debut make WoW Token Prices Hit Record

  • 2017-05-23 10:45:03
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The WoW Token is a special currency used in World of Warcraft which players can purchase using real money to sell in online World of WarCraft auction houses for gold. Those tokens, when purchased with Destiny 2 Currency, can be exchanged for more subscription time or Balance to exchange for digital goods sold directly by Blizzard, including game licenses. And gold.raiditem can also offer Destiny 2 Currency for sale.


If you need, choosing gold.raiditem to buy Destiny 2 Currency is the wisest choice. Reports of Buy Destiny 2 Currency launching on sent WoW Token prices skyrocketing to record highs thanks to the Auction House's own stork market where Tokens respond to supply and demand. Online WoW Token trackers reported yesterday that gold prices for WoW Tokens reached close to 250,000 in Europe, and almost 500,000 gold in Korea before leveling off again. Some members on the World of WarCraft forums predicted that North American prices would hit 200,000 gold, though prices here capped off closer to 150,000. You can see some of the market fluxes in the various regions. 

Gold farming in World of Warcraft is a notorious undertaking, spawning cottage industries in some countries where laborers spend all day farming digital gold in World of WarCraft to sell to players. Through World of WarCraft's auction houses, players can purchase a WoW Token sell it at times of high demand such as this, making thousands of WoW gold in a single transaction.

As players rush to cash in on WoW Tokens before Destiny 2 hits PCs, there's still the matter of when exactly that will be. Destiny 2 has a launch date set for September 8 for consoles, but neither Bungie, Activision, or Blizzard have confirmed when the game will launch for PCs. WoW players who bought tokens in anticipation for Destiny 2 just might be holding onto their tokens for quite some time. As a professional Destiny 2 Items site, gold.raiditem is a perfect place to purchase safe Destiny 2 Currency with the competitive price and instant delivery. Buy Destiny 2 Currency with more discounts at gold.raiditem. Cheap price and fast delivery are guaranteed! Let's be patient and wait for its coming.