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Do You Know These Changes in Destiny 2 Stat System

  • 2017-06-01 15:52:40
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As a professional site for Destiny 2 Weapon, also offers you the latest news of Destiny 2. Bungie makes some changes in Destiny 2 Stat System to distinguish it from the current installment. More details available in the following contents.


If you have played the Destiny before, you must know Strength, Discipline, and Dexterity determined how rapidly the abilities would charge. What's more, light score would determine how much damage will be inflicted and your overall defence. However, from a video uploaded by Arekkz in YouTube, we can know Bungie scrap all of them in Destiny 2. No matter what, you still need Destiny 2 Weapon if you want to play the game better.  

Besides that, we can enjoy the new stat system in Destiny 2. With the updates Destiny 2 stat system, armour now contributes to the player’s defence, recovery stats and agility. In the first game, these three stats affected the damage players could take before dying, movement speed and health regen.

As a result, character building would center on recovery, agility, and buffing armor instead of getting the player's cooldown lower. For hardcore players and raiders, these changes are going to make a whole lot of difference in the gaming world. In the event that the recent information is accurate, the player would be able to make more informed choices to customize characters instead of collecting talents that lessen cooldown. 

What's more, Bungie has revealed that Destiny 2 Lost Sectors will be completely hand craftedinstead of being procedurally generated while replying to a fan on Twitter. However, Steve Cotton, World Director at Bungie added that he is a fan of “procedural possibilities”which might indicate that maybe we would get procedurally generated Lost sectors in Destiny 2. will keep on updating the latest news and reviews of Destiny 2. Besides that, you can also buy Destiny 2 Weapon with a lower price here. We guarantee 100% safe and cheap Destiny 2 Weapon. Provide you with timely & effective & satisfactory service. BUY NOW!