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Destiny 2: 7 Emblems Will Mark Out Veteran Guardians

  • 2017-06-23 18:39:35
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Are you a fan of Destiny game? In the upcoming destiny 2 game, 7 emblems will mark out veteran Guardians, but you only have till august 1 to earn them. Destiny 2 will continue the existing emblem system, where players can show off their personal style, service history, accomplishments and even merchandise buy-ins with a decorative theme.


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The exclusive Destiny 2 emblems available to players who hit specific milestones in the first game. You can see them and get details below, but please note that the numbers shown on them (level and light) aren’t indicative of Destiny 2’s finished gameplay systems; they’re just placeholders.

There are seven veteran emblems on offer in Destiny 2, but not every player will be able to earn all of them.

These first two emblems are only available to Destiny Year 1 players. The top one is for completing any of the moments of triumph, and the bottom one is for those who knocked them all over. If you didn’t do all that before the deadline in 2015, well – you can’t ever get these.

The second set of emblems are for Destiny Year 2 players. Again, the top one is for completing any moment of triumph, and the bottom one is for the whole set. You need to have owned The Taken King to do this, and again, if you missed the deadline in 2016, these are out of reach for good.

The final three emblems are available to earn in Destiny until August 1 2017. The top one is for reaching rank 2 in the Age of Triumph record book, and the bottom one is for reaching rank 7 in the Age of Triumph record book; you’ll need the Rise of Iron expansion for both of those. The third and final veteran emblem is for reaching a Grimoire score of 5,000 or more.

Just to make it totally clear, you need to play Destiny 1 in order to earn these emblems, but they won’t be available in-game until you log-in with the same ID in Destiny 2. Okay? It’s a little reward for returning players.

You might be thinking “is that it for all my hard work enjoying an entertainment product”, but the good news is that no, it’s not. Here’s what Bungie’s community manager David “Deej” Dague had to say on the subject of veteran rewards in Destiny 2:

“Some of the ways in which we’ll tip our hat to your legacy in Destiny 2, and some of the ways you’ll be able to show all the young pups that you’d become legend long before they were ever reborn in the Cosmodrome, are best left for you to experience for yourself,” Dague wrote in the latest Bungie Weekly Update.

“Others are little touches that will fall snuggly into the realm of ‘you just had to be there.’ We’re not going to spoil them for you right here and right now.”

So keep an eye out for some “small, but hopefully emotionally impactful surprises” for veterans when Destiny 2 releases in September on PS4 and Xbox One. Unfortunately there’s been no talk of importing accounts between consoles and PC, so we’re not expecting any little bonuses when Destiny 2 hits PC in October.

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