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New Destiny 2 Trailer Focuses on Competitive PvP

  • 2017-08-10 16:12:25
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A new Destiny 2 trailer hits with a focus on the competitive PvP modes. While it’s offers few revelations for those familiar with the original, it’s still an energetic montage that condenses the action the 'Crucible' into a couple of minutes.


For those unfamiliar with the game, class breakdown is pretty helpful. Destiny 2 will launches in September this year, and is the best place to buy Destiny 2 gold with cheap price and fast delivery!

In addition, we get a look at a few new weapons with lovely looking viewmodels, a short peek at some of the new maps (10 of which are meant to ship with the final game), and some absolute ownage. Owning is good.

The Tower has fallen in Destiny 2 but The Crucible is still alive and well, if this new competitive multiplayer trailer is anything to judge by. Exotic collectors will especially like the new look at Coldheart, the pre-order reward Trace Rifle.

Capping with cluster rockets totally merits a smug emote
The best defenses are just a blink away from collapse
You can air dash like a dang fighting game
See the new Trace Rifle Coldheart in PvP action
I need those Exotic finger guns

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