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Gold.Raiditem: 2 Factions New Gear & Weapons Added to Destiny 2 Database

  • 2018-01-11 15:55:32
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After Curse of Osiris was launched, Destiny 2’s non-DLC owners were suddenly locked out of previously accessible content. According to Bungie, the devs of Destiny 2 will will make some changes on Faction Rallies, Iron Banner, and other content. New gears and weapons tied to these events have been added to Destiny 2 database.


 A Reddit user gave a list of new weapons coming to the 2nd season Faction Rally and Iron Banner in Destiny 2. You are able to read the details in the following part at Simultaneously, we are selling a wide range of Destiny 2 items at the competitive price. Now read the new weapons coming to the 2 factions. 
Future War Cult
The Dream – This scout rifle with above-average range and impact also comes with Armor Piercing Rounds and Snapshot Sights.

The Doubt – A fast firing, 600 RPM auto rifle, this weapon also comes with perks like Snapshot Sights and High-calibur Rounds.

The Defiant – The hard-hitting hand cannon also features above-average handling and some interesting perks with Drop Mag, Accurized Rounds, and Threat Detector.

The Domino – Another above-average impact weapon, this sniper rifle features enhancements to reloading thanks to Alloy Magazine, Flared Magwell, and Pulse Monitor.

The Decide – FWC’s high impact, high reload speed shotgun, The Decide comes with Steady Rounds, Flared Magwell, and Moving Target for available perks.

Dead Orbit
Eternal Slumber – The Dead Orbit pulse rifle is optimized for stability thanks to bonus perks like Steady Rounds and Under Pressure.

Controlling Vision – This silencer included sidearm takes a page out of Hard Lights playbook with Richocet Rounds and can deal added damage with the Rampage perk.

Hollow Earth – Similarly to the Dead Orbit sidearm, this auto rifle also comes with Richocet Rounds, while giving the user added stability through Zen Moment and Steady Rounds.

Dead-Ender – Though this linear fusion rifle may not have eye-popping stats, players can boost its stats further with perks like Particle Repeater, Projection Fuse, and Outlaw.

Distant Tumulus – This Legendary Sniper rifle is similar to the FWC sniper thanks to perks like Flared Magwell, Pulse Monitor, and Extended Mag.

New Monarchy
Loquitor IV – Sporting a higher than normal range stat, this auto rifle is capable of dealing major damage at distance with perks like High-Impact Reserves and Richocet Rounds.

Legal Action II – Another high range pulse rifle, players can increase its damage as well with Rampage and High-Calibur Rounds.

Adverse Possession IX – A jack of all trades, master of none style scout rifle, players also gain access to stat boosting perks like Flared Magwell, Steady Rounds, and Moving Target.
Quitclaim Shotgun III – The Legendary New Monarchy high impact shotgun looks to be a beast at close quarters with Assault Mag, Field Prep, and Flared Magwell.

Interference VI – Finally, the legendary grenade launcher gets a slight boost from perks like Alloy Casing, Field Prep, and Implosion Rounds.”

So far, the date of these events return has not been confirmed yet. After the launch of Curse of Osiris, fans has been hoping for what will come to Destiny 2 next. Keep an eye on to know get more update. If you are looking for a reliable store to buy Destiny 2 items, gold.raiditem is your ideal choice. The top-class team is ready to offer you the cheapest Destiny 2 items and Destiny 2 Power Leveling with instant delivery.