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Gold.raiditem: Leveling Character Effectively with Top Free Dragomon Hunter Guides

  • 2018-01-08 15:00:43
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As the best Dragomon Hunter Gold buying site, gold.raiditem can also tell you many useful game guides that can level up your character effectively. Read the following contents for more details.


Scout boasts smashing critical strike rating and cat-like reflexes as well as a lot of combos. Meanwhile, Scout can move very fast in the fight. Along with the roll skill, they can easily avoid the enemy's attack so Scout suits those players who like a technical playing style. And gold.raiditem can offer you hot sale Dragomon Hunter Gold to speed up your progress.

Scout is the only class that can either play melee or ranged in the 4 classes. They can shift the weapon to have most effective damages according to the bosses' attacking mode. Being a DPS, Scout is more flexible than other classes.

As you can imagine, being a high damage class will also be very fragile. Having lower HP than other classes and also weak at dodge, Scout can die very easily when facing with boss. Dual blades is Scout's main weapon from level 1 to level 20. The combos can increase attacking and moving speed by 30% meanwhile increasing the ultimate skill damage by 20% so at this stage, players must try to get familiar with each combo and their CD time while at the mean time learning monsters' attacking and dodge mode to prepare for the high level dragomon challenge in the late game.

Scouts can equip rifle after level 20. The CD time for rifle skills is a bit long if players get used to play melee scouts but the good side is rifle can be used at a ranged distance and single skill damage is also very high so it is the most stable ranged DPS in the party.

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