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An Analysis of the Reinforcement of DFO

  • 2017-05-17 18:43:07
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The new version of Dungeon Fighter Online:Soul, was ever announced to meet its fans for the first time in 2017. Players put their heart into its test period and played the game in advance. It is said that this edition has received good remarks at least at present.


Eager for the excellent games, DFO fans will never feel tired to buy DFO Gold for the new journey. To challenge, or to fail? That's a question. Gold.raiditem will share you an analysis of the reinforcement of DFO. Based on it, maybe victory is in sight. 

Body Strengthen:
Many players want to know how to increase the strength. Apart from Dungeon Fighter Online Gold, there are actually other skills to reach the goal. Strength system is very different from that of other games. Under this system, the body will get recovery regardless of absence of power for several hours. Another method is to build a cooperation with 30 friends. Team work make a great difference.

Fighting Ways:
As we have said above, good fighting ways can works well. So try your best to finish the target when you fight against monsters. Well, we all know some monsters own enigmatical force. Facing them, we'd better keep a far distance and start our attack patiently. In addition, single skill seems hopeless. You need to try more skills and combine some of them in a proper way.

Weapons Update:
In game, we usually buy Dungeon Fighter Online Gold to upgrade our mounts. But if you want to seize the opportunity at the very beginning, improving the weapons’ force is the first step. Know what is the strongest weapon for your character and use it. Then, for some small tools, resolve them and use them when there is a need to strength red, blue weapons. 

The useful skills are far beyond what gold.raiditem has introduced above. Actually, for most common players, DFO Gold may be the most simplest way to help you a lot. In the future, we will continue to offer you fresh news about the game. Welcome to visit Gold.raiditem!