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Dungeon Fighter Online: Two Events Hit Players in May!

  • 2017-05-19 18:14:28
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Surprising news for you! Dungeon Fighter Online is planning some funny events in response to all praise from fans. Last month, many heroes got good grades in their challenges, so what we can expect in late May?


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Dr. Moreau's Laboratory
Dr. Moreau, the mad scientist who conducted lethal human experiments in the Forgotten Land,
is now planning another evil scheme in outer skirts of Arad. Rumor has it, strange creatures have been appearing there...And Mony, a reasearcher who used to work for Dr. Moreau, has escaped from the Laboratory after witnessing the horror of Dr. Moreau's experiment. It's time to buy DFO Gold because she now asks for your aid in finding a vaccine to save the poor human beings from Dr. Moreau.

Rewards: Based on Time Remaining 
1m 30s-1m: You will get Dr. Moreau's Test Subject's Fragment x1.
59s - 40s: Dr. Moreau's Test Subject's Fragment x 2 will be possible
39 - 20s: Dr. Moreau's Test Subject's Fragment x3 will be given
19s and 19s below: You get a big gift! Dr. Moreau's Test Subject's Fragment x4 is for you!

Gem Collector
Long time ago, a furry little goblin lived in a forest alone. He was a voracious, greedy yet very curious role. Buy Dungeon Fighter Online Gold on gold.raiditem and we will tell you goblin's tale. One day, he attempted to go for a walk outside mountains. He made a magic pillar of light spotted. What's the secret of it? Goblin was unable to resist the light. It seems that a giant cave became the source of the light. Millions of precious gems got hidden behind the walls where bright lights refracted. He decided to enter into the deep cave and catch some gems.

Score Reward: Based on number of gems obtained, and no DFO Gold as reward.
0-29 gems obtained in story: get 1 gemstone as reward.
35- 59 Gems Obtained in story: get 2 gemstone as reward.
60-89 Gems Obtained in story: get 3 gemstone as reward.
90-120 Gems Obtained in story: get 4 gemstone as reward.
121+ Gems Obtained in story: Wonderful! You get 5 gemstone as reward in total!

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