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Dungeon Fighter Online: Detailed Introduction for Season Server

  • 2017-06-02 18:29:00
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Dear DFO players, though there is no more further news or articles related to the game, we still collected some information that you may be interested. All we know Season Server is a new server to make you play the game for a whole new way. It is necessary to let you know something about the season server.


Gold.raiditem as a professional game service, always take our clients as the god, thus you can find the best DFO Gold on our website whenever you have a need. Just looking at some comments or feedbacks from other customers, you will know gold.raiditem is trustworthy. Today, let's read the following content about the Season Server.

Season Server has already opened!
From official news posted four months ago, we know the Season Server has already opened for players. It will only run for a limited period of time. First, let's explore some functions of it.

This time, players can purchase Dungeon Fighter Online Gold to experience the difference after the Season Server is applied to the game. Season Sever has picked up some core parts attached to the game and allow players to pay more attention to the fast action part. In order to make it adapt to the game's running, a new system has been implemented. After all, developers hope the stronger system can be able to support faster leveling and better farming of materials.

Season Characters: 
Season Characters focus on control oriented combat and action-packed battle. It will be transferred to the Normal Server once the season server finally ends. How to create your season characters? Just click the relative tab and then follow the clues given by Character Creation Window.

Notice for Season Characters: 
Season Server Characters cannot play with Normal Server Characters but they will be transferred to the Normal Server after the season finishes. In addition, you still have the option to choose a character you like to transfer even though you may have none of them in your account. Most importantly, each account can accept three characters one time. 

Two main features for Season Server: 
Season Server has two main features that you should focus on. Firstly, you will start from Lv.17 and you are able to advance in spite of failing to finishing the required quests. Secondly, 78 fatigue points are available for you in Season Server. Well, you are capable of leveling up faster than before to the Normal Server.

There are a lot of details about the Season Server waiting for player's exploration. Gold.raiditem will provide more helpful messages once we get the latest news. We also recommend you to buy Dungeon Fighter Online Gold here. You are sure to get cheap price and fast delivery as we have received 99% comments from the customers. BUY NOW!