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Leveling Efficiency A Proper guide in Dungeon Fighter Online Gold

  • 2017-08-01 16:25:19
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Choosing a class in Dungeon Fighter Online is exciting and challenging to many new and aspiring players. Maybe you choose playing a class that first catches your eyes immediately. Earlier today, I released a guide by Geist as well. Man, what a busy week! But DFO is coming out tomorrow and I figure, what better way to celebrate? As a newly opened area in dungeon fighter online, Forgotten Land is quite hot recently. Today, plan to bring to you a Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide!


Part1 (lv1 - lv55 METASTASIS)

This part of the Dungeon Fighter Online gold game is widely known by veterans as the "tutorial" part of the game, that is because its where every class is just starting to get their core functional skills, this entire section of the DFO Gold game was completely revamped in the current version (known as metastasis) and is completely new content, the max difficulty, even though named "Hard" isn't really that hard once you learn how your character works, also upon reaching lv50, you can acquire your first awakening which unlocks new flashy skills.

Part2 (lv55 - lv70 EMPYREAN)

At this part of the Dungeon Fighter Online gold, there is a noticeable boost in health and enemy patterns because now ultimate road is unlocked, at this point, your character should be starting to get familiarized to its awakening skills and TP skill boosts which can drastically change your game-play style. you will also start unlocking the side-dungeons known as towers at this point, which don't require stamina and can provide with exp and rewards, the most interesting one being tower of despair.


You will notice another boost in enemy health and offense, some of the bosses in these dungeons are no jokes and can prove to be real threats if you are not used to them, its also the point in the buy Dungeon Fighter Online Gold game where you get your "second awakening" (lv75) though there are still many classes that still haven't received their second awakening, even in korea. Korea also recently received an update with Death city and the new Slayer difficulty, the bosses are also the real deal on this difficulty and surprisingly much better designed than your typical normal Buy Dungeon Fighter Online Gold boss.

If you want to know more, you can concern about us Gold.raiditem,we can share the strategies and guide to you. In the DFO filed, Equipment and skills can decide you win or fail in your character, it can decide your level upgrade fast or not, so Buy Dungeon Fighter Online Gold and power leveling service from lets you master the game faster and defeat enemies soundly.