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Basic Guides for Playing Dungeon Fighter Online With a Better Start

  • 2017-11-15 18:21:36
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Are you a new beginner for Dungeon Fighter online game? If so, check out the tips below to play the game with better starts. DFO Gold is a primacy currency for the game, and you need to try every effort to gain as much as DFO gold.


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Turn off your zoom in function in options. 

Make sure you are on the right channel that corresponds to the dungeons you are doing so you gain bonus EXP. 

Make sure to use your launching skill which is a basic for most classes combos. This skill is usually hotkeyed to Z. 

Make sure to do all your quests, and you can complete multiple quests at once. Quests not only give lots of EXP and some gold, but also items and sometimes even rare items.

Once you kill a boss the dungeon is automatically cleared and the remaining enemies are instantly killed.

You lose 1 fatigue for every dungeon room you enter. This is restored every day.

If you die you have the option of using tokens to revive yourself.. These also get restored daily.

Make sure to repair your items. You can do this at the blacksmith npcs, or at the npc that appears when you clear a dungeon(Delilah). Fix will fix single items, while Fix All fixes everything equipped.

Make sure to buy cards at the end of the dungeon, it generally gives more profit than you lose, and you have a chance to get some rare items you can only get from end dungeon cards.

When you advance, your SP gets reset because you have new class skills. It is highly recommended you look up a skill build at this point for your class because SP is very tight for some classes and SP resets from the cash shop are VERY expensive to the point where it's just easier to make a new character. 

Make sure to equip the right armor for your class or you will get penalties. I know it's appealing just to equip whatever has the best stats or highest defense, but you will get penalties for using the incorrect armor. Some subclasses can use armors that differ from their main classes if they choose to do so. For pre advanced classes.... Priests and Slayers use heavy armor. Fighters use light armor, Gunners use Leather, and Mages use cloth. Depending on what class you choose to advance to, you might get another armor skill (ie Launchers can use Heavy Armor, or Soul Benders can use cloth) No class before advancement uses plate armor, and only two classes in the game use plate armor- Asuras and Crusa.

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