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Get Dungeon Fighter Online Gold on to Reveal Agent's Secrets

  • 2018-06-25 18:35:22
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The Golden Confidential event of Dungeon Fighter Online is in progress. In this event, players can receive a Golden Capsule that massively increases their level every day as long as they log in. But the real reward is in the Agent's Secrets. You have a big chance to get Epic Sub Equipment.


Want to reveal the agent's secrets? You'll need to buy Dungeon Fighter Online Gold to upgrade yourself and defeat the enhanced monsters. Because these monsters are more dangerous and powerful than usual. Make sure you are all prepared before you join this. If you are not prepared because your lack of DFO gold, you can seek help on which is the best DFO gold seller because of its instant delivery and refund policy.

In order to join the Golden Confidential event, you need to do these 3 steps.

- Click the event icon to check the progress of episode, chapter and final rewards.
- Clear an episode, get your Pile of Confidential Documents.
-Complete all stories.
Once you complete all stories, you can get the final reward - the O'Connel's Gift. Inside the gift, you can find the Lv. 85 Agent Epic Sub Equipment.

You must use the O'Connel's Gift before July 17th, because they'll be deleted till then.

Gold luck with your Epic Sub Equipment. You can defeat those strong monsters as long as you are fully prepared. Warriors never stop. If your journey is stopped by your shortage of Dungeon Fighter Online Gold, please don’t forget to seek help from As the most professional DFO gold seller, we can help you in many ways. Contact us if you need help, and trust us as a friend.